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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1989Aminoacidpentacyanoferrate(III) Complexes Catalysed Decomposition of Hydrogen Peroxide : Prebiotic Evolution of Oxidoreductase: [Fe(III)(CN)5Lln- Complexes.Kamaluddin; Nath M.; Deopuzari S.W.
1993Copper(II) Complexes of (Salicylidene)amino Acid Schiff Bases as Models: Perioxidase and Catalase.Nath M.; Kamaluddin; Cheema J.
1993Hydrolysis of 4-Nitrophenylphosphate by Aminoacidatozinc Complexes.Viladkar S.; Kamaluddin; Nath M.
2012Interaction of 5’-Guanosine Monophos-phate (5’-GMP) with Organotin(IV) Moieties: Synthesis, Structural Characterization and Anti-inflammatory Activity.Nath M.; Singh H.; Eng G.; Song X.
2014Metal-Based Anticancer Agents: In Vitro DNA Binding, Cleavage and Cytotoxicity.Nath M.; Kompelli N.; Roy P.; Das S.
2012New Di- and Triorganotin(IV) Tyrosylalaninates as Models for Metal–protein Interactions: Synthesis, Structural Characterization, and Potentiometric Studies of Tyrosylalanine, Glycyltyrocine and Glycylisoleucine with Di- and Trimethyltin(IV) Moieties in Aqueous Medium.Nath M.; Sulaxna; Song X.; Eng G.
2013Spatial distribution and accumulation of calcium in different tissues, developing spikes and seeds of finger millet genotypesNath M.; Roy, Partha; Shukla A.; Kumar A.
1998Spectral Studies and Bactericidal, Fungicidal, Insecticidal and Parasitological Activities of Organotin(IV) Complexes of Thio-Schiff Bases Having NO Donor Atoms.Nath M.; Goyal S.
1993Spectral, Thermal and Biological Studies of Organotin(IV) Complexes of Schiff Bases Derived from 2-Amino-4-phenylthiazoles.Nath M.; Goyal S.
2012Synthesis and Characterization of Nanometric Pure Phase SnO2 Obtained from Pyrolysis of Diorganotin(IV) Derivatives of Macrocycles.Nath M.; Saini P.K.
1998Synthesis, Spectral Studies, In Vitro Antimicrobial and In Vivo Multiinfection Antifungal Activities in Mice of New Organotin(IV) Derivatives of Amino Acids.Nath M.; Yadav R.; Eng G.; Musingarimi P.
1995Thermal Behaviour of Some Organotin(IV) Thio-semicarbazone Complexes.Nath M.; Sharma N.