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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020A study on the influence of substrate pre-heating on mitigation of cracks in direct metal laser deposition of NiCrSiBC-60%WC ceramic coating on Inconel 718Sadhu A.; Choudhary, Amit; Sarkar S.; Nair A.M.; Nayak P.; Pawar S.D.; Muvvala G.; Pal S.K.; Nath A.K.
2006High power CO2 lasers and their material processing applications at Centre for Advanced Technology, IndiaNath A.K.; Paul C.P.; Rao B.T.; Kau R.; Raghu T.; Mazumdar J.D.; Dayal R.K.; Mudali U.K.; Sastikumar D.; Gandhi, Bhupendra K.; Bohn W.L.; Golubev V.S.; Ionin A.A.; Panchenko V.Y.
2020Laser surface polishing of NiCrSiBC – 60WC ceramic-metal matrix composite deposited by laser directed energy deposition processChoudhary, Amit; Sadhu A.; Sarkar S.; Nath A.K.; Muvvala G.