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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014A five level diode clamped rectifier with novel capacitor voltage balancing schemeNarendrababu A.; Agarwal, Pramod
2018A modified T-type single phase five-level inverter with reduced switch voltage stressNarendrababu A.; Yalla N.; Agarwal, Pramod
2020Hybrid 2/3L Inverter with Unequal PV Array VoltagesNarendrababu A.; Yalla N.; Agarwal, Pramod
2017Hybrid modulation strategy for eliminating low-frequency NP voltage oscillations in NPC using redistribution of NTV duty ratiosNarendrababu A.; Agarwal, Pramod
2018Virtual Vector Modulated Hybrid 2/3-Level Z-source VSI for PV ApplicationsNarendrababu A.; Agarwal, Pramod