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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Aqueous bark extract of Cinnamomum zeylanicum: A potential therapeutic agent for streptozotocin- induced type 1 diabetes mellitus (T1DM) ratsHassan S.A.; Barthwal R.; Nair M.S.; Haque S.S.
2017Binding of resveratrol to the minor groove of DNA sequences with AATT and TTAA segments induces differential stabilityNair M.S.; D'Mello S.; Pant R.; Poluri K.M.
2018Characterization of nanomaterials using nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopyN Agarwal; Nair M.S.; A Mazumder; Poluri K.M.
2001Distinguishing normal, benign and malignant human breast tissues by visible polarized fluorescenceLaxmi B.V.; Panda R.N.; Nair M.S.; Rastogi A.; Mittal D.K.; Agarwal A.; Pradhan Asima
2019Gene Expression Prediction Using a Deep 1D Convolution Neural NetworkChaubey V.; Nair M.S.; Pillai G.N.
2011Modeling of HIV-1 TAR RNA-ligand complexesMitrasinovic P.M.; Tomar J.S.; Nair M.S.; Barthwal R.
2019Molecular modeling, simulation and principal component analysis of binding of resveratrol and its analogues with DNANair M.S.; Shukla A.
2014NMR-based structure of anticancer drug mitoxantrone stacked with terminal base pair of DNA hexamer sequence d-(ATCGAT) 2Dogra S.; Awasthi P.; Tripathi S.; Pradeep T.P.; Nair M.S.; Barthwal R.
2018Spectroscopic studies on the interaction of serum albumins with plant derived natural moleculesNair M.S.
2015Spectroscopic study on the interaction of resveratrol and pterostilbene with human serum albuminNair M.S.
2005Wavelet-based characterzation of spectral fluctuation in normal, benign, and cancerous human breast tissuesGupta S; Nair M.S.; Pradhan A; Biswal NC; Agarwal N; Agarwal A; Panigrahi P.K.