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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Adaptive Discretization for Computerized TomographyShakya S.; Saxena A.; Munshi P.; Goswami, Mayank
2013Optimal sensor locations and ultrasound tomography set-up design for limited data problemsGoswami, Mayank; Bhadouria V.S.; Agrawal N.; Khanna A.; Munshi P.; Kishore N.N.; Saxena A.
2016Optimal Spatial Filtering Schemes and Compact Tomography SetupsGoswami, Mayank; Shakya S.; Saxena A.; Munshi P.
2009Thermal stratification studies in a side heated water pool for advanced heavy water reactor applicationsGupta, Akhilesh Kumar; Eswaran V.; Munshi P.; Maheshwari N.K.; Vijayan P.K.