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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Analysis of the RelA:CBP/p300 Interaction Reveals Its Involvement in NF-?B-Driven TranscriptionMukherjee S.P.; Behar M.; Birnbaum H.A.; Hoffmann A.; Wright P.E.; Ghosh G.
2020Backbone resonance assignments of the dimeric domain of the p50 NF-kappaB subunitKumar M.; Dadhwal P.; Atreya H.S.; Mukherjee S.P.
2016NMR characterization of a 72 kDa transcription factor using differential isotopic labelingMukherjee S.P.; Borin B.; Quintas P.O.; Dyson H.J.
2016Structural characterization of the ternary complex that mediates termination of NF-?B signaling by I?B?Mukherjee S.P.; Quintas P.O.; McNulty R.; Komives E.A.; Dyson H.J.
2017Super-Resolved Nuclear Magnetic Resonance SpectroscopyMulleti S.; Singh A.; Brahmkhatri V.P.; Chandra K.; Raza T.; Mukherjee S.P.; Seelamantula C.S.; Atreya H.S.