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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Biocatalyst physiology and interplay: a protagonist of MFC operationMukherjee P.; Pichiah S.; Gopinath, Packirisamy; Jang M.
2019Cogni-Net: Cognitive Feature Learning Through Deep Visual PerceptionMukherjee P.; Das A.; Bhunia A.K.; Pratim Roy, Partha
2004Origin and ductile-shearing of the microgranitoid enclaves in the granulite-granitoid terrane around Devariya-Bandanwara area, Central RajasthanSrivastava D.C.; Sahay A.; Kumar D.; Mukherjee P.
2019Texture synthesis guided deep hashing for texture image retrievalBhunia A.K.; Perla S.R.K.; Mukherjee P.; Das A.; Pratim Roy, Partha