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2000Characterization of a dinuclear Mn(II) tri(μ-carboxylato) complex with the hindered hydrotris(3,5-diisopropyl-1-pyrazolyl)borate (= Tp iPr2) ligand: Intramolecular hydrogen bonding interaction between the protonated TpiPr2 and Mn-coordinating carboxylate ligandsSingh U.P.; Singh R.; Hikichi S.; Akita M.; Moro-oka Y.
2006Hydrogen bonding interaction between imidazolyl N-H group and peroxide: Stabilization of Mn(III)-peroxo complex TpiPr2Mn(η2-O2)(imMeH) (imMeH = 2-methylimidazole)Singh U.P.; Sharma A.K.; Hikichi S.; Komatsuzaki H.; Moro-oka Y.; Akita M.
1991Oxidative Conversion of a Mn(µ-OH)2Mn to a Mn(µ-O1)2Mn Moiety. Synthesis and Molecular Structures of a (µ-Hydroxo)dimanganese(II,II) and (µ-Oxo)dimanganese(III,III) Complex with a Hindered N3 LigandKitajima N.; Singh U.P.; Amagai H.; Osawa M.; Moro-oka Y.