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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019A review on the upper atmospheric sodium observations from India: InsightsSarkhel S.; Mondal S.; Sekar R.; Chakrabarty D.; Sridharan S.
2007A water-soluble glucan isolated from an edible mushroom Termitomyces microcarpusChandra K.; Ghosh K.; Roy S.K.; Mondal S.; Maiti D.; Ojha A.K.; Das D.; Mondal S.; Islam S.S.
2019Allsky airglow imaging observations from Hanle, Leh Ladakh, India: Image analyses and first resultsMondal S.; Srivastava A.; Yadav V.; Sarkhel S.; Sunil Krishna M.V.; Rao Y.K.; Singh V.
2016Analysis of polybenzimidazole and polyvinylpyrrolidone blend membranes as separating barrier in single chambered microbial fuel cellsKumar V.; Mondal S.; Nandy A.; Kundu P.P.
2008Chemical analysis of a new fucoglucan isolated from an edible mushroom, Termitomyces robustusMondal S.; Chandra K.; Maiti D.; Ojha A.K.; Das D.; Roy S.K.; Ghosh K.; Chakarborty I.; Islam S.S.
2017Co/Al2O3-rGO nanocomposite as cathode electrocatalyst for superior oxygen reduction in microbial fuel cell applications: The effect of nanocomposite compositionPapiya F.; Nandy A.; Mondal S.; Kundu P.P.
2018Development of Kinetic Model for Hydrogenolysis of Glycerol over Cu/MgO Catalyst in a Slurry ReactorPandhare N.N.; Pudi S.M.; Mondal S.; Pareta K.; Kumar M.; Biswas P.
2002Environmental impact assessment of a proposed info-tech complex in East Calcutta wetlandsSikdar P.K.; Mondal S.; Saha L.; Sarkar S.S.; Banerjee S.
2018Green indexing of Hisar municipal corporation using geospatial techniquesSingh D.; Mondal S.; Hooda R.S.; Saran S.; Padalia H.; Kumar A.S.
2017Highly active Cu-Zn-Mg-Al-O catalyst derived from layered double hydroxides (LDHs) precursor for selective hydrogenolysis of glycerol to 1,2-propanediolMondal S.; Janardhan R.; Meena M.L.; Biswas P.
2008Isolation and characterization of a heteroglycan from the fruits of Astraeus hygrometricusMaiti D.; Chandra K.; Mondal S.; Ojha A.K.; Das D.; Roy S.K.; Ghosh K.; Chakraborty I.; Islam S.S.
2019Kinetic modelling for the hydrogenolysis of bio-glycerol in the presence of a highly selective Cu-Ni-Al 2 O 3 catalyst in a slurry reactorMondal S.; Malviya H.; Biswas P.
2017Liquid Phase Hydrogenolysis of Glycerol over Highly Active 50%Cu-Zn(8:2)/MgO Catalyst: Reaction Parameter Optimization by Using Response Surface MethodologyAl Ameen A.; Mondal S.; Pudi S.M.; Pandhare N.N.; Biswas P.
2008NMR and MALDI-TOFMS analysis of a heteroglycan isolated from hot water extract of edible mushroom, Volvariella bombycinaDas D.; Maiti D.; Chandra K.; Mondal S.; Ojha A.K.; Roy S.K.; Ghosh K.; Islam S.S.
2019On the Long Lasting “C-Type” Structures in the Sodium Lidargram: The Lifetime of Kelvin-Helmholtz Billows in the Mesosphere and Lower Thermosphere RegionMondal S.; Sarkhel S.; Agarwal J.; Chakrabarty D.; Sekar R.; Yuan T.; Cai X.; Liu A.Z.; Nozawa S.; Saito N.; Kawahara T.D.; Mlynczak M.G.; Russell J.M.; III
2015Performance evaluation of microbial fuel cells: Effect of varying electrode configuration and presence of a membrane electrode assemblyNandy A.; Kumar V.; Mondal S.; Dutta K.; Salah M.; Kundu P.P.
2017Production of 1,2-Propanediol from Renewable Glycerol Over Highly Stable and Efficient Cu–Zn(4:1)/MgO CatalystMondal S.; Arifa A.A.; Biswas P.
2015Reduction of methanol crossover and improved electrical efficiency in direct methanol fuel cell by the formation of a thin layer on Nafion 117 membrane: Effect of dip-coating of a blend of sulphonated PVdF-co-HFP and PBIMondal S.; Soam S.; Kundu P.P.
2017Spatial soil organic carbon (SOC) prediction by regression kriging using remote sensing dataMondal A.; Khare D.; Kundu S.; Mondal S.; Mukherjee S.; Mukhopadhyay A.
2008Structural assignment of a heteropolysaccharide isolated from the gum of Cochlospermum religiosum (Katira gum)Ojha A.K.; Maiti D.; Chandra K.; Mondal S.; Roy D.D.S.K.; Ghosh K.; Islam S.S.