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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Effect of pH and Treatment Time on the Removal of Arsenic Species from Simulated Groundwater by Using Fe3+ and Ca2+ Impregnated Granular Activated CharcoalsMondal P.; Mohanty B.; Majumder C. B.
2019Exploring the Capabilities of Sentinel-2 Data in Vegetation Health/Stress MappingShukla G.; Garg, Rahul D.; Kumar Garg P.; Srivastava H.S.; Kumar P.; Mohanty B.
2008Performance evaluation of silty sand subgrade reinforced with fly ash and fibreChauhan M.S.; Mittal, Satyendra; Mohanty B.
2011Permanent strain of randomly oriented fiber reinforced rural road subgrade soil under repetitive triaxial loadingMohanty B.; Chauhan M.S.; Mittal, Satyendra
2007Removal of trivalent arsenic (As(III)) from contaminated water by calcium chloride (CaCl2) impregnated rice husk carbonMondal P.; Majumder C.B.; Mohanty B.