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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Characterization of aggregate behaviors of torrefied biomass as a function of reaction severityBarr M.; Kung K.S.; Thengane, Sonal K.; Mohan V.; Sweeney D.; Ghoniem A.F.
2013DNA binding, nuclease and superoxide scavenging activity studies on mononuclear cobalt complexes derived from tridentate ligandsGhosh, Kaushik; Mohan V.; Kumar P.; Singh U.P.
2012Nuclease activity via self-activation and anticancer activity of a mononuclear copper(II) complex: Novel role of the tertiary butyl group in the ligand frameGhosh, Kaushik; Kumar P.; Mohan V.; Singh U.P.; Kasiri S.; Mandal S.S.
2014Selective fluorescence sensing of Ni2+ by tetradentate ligands: Synthesis of nickel complexes and crystal structuresGhosh, Kaushik; Mohan V.; Kumar P.; Ng S.W.; Tiekink E.R.T.
2012Self-activated DNA cleavage and nitric oxide reactivity studies on mononuclear copper complexes derived from tetradentate ligandsGhosh, Kaushik; Kumar P.; Mohan V.; Singh U.P.