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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Entropy of orthogonal matrices and minimum distance orthostochastic matrices from the uniform van der Waerden matricesArasu K.T.; Mohan M.T.
2019Ergodicity for the 3D stochastic Navier–Stokes equations perturbed by Lévy noiseMohan M.T.; Sakthivel K.; Sritharan S.S.
2018Existence of Optimal Controls for Compressible Viscous FlowDoboszczak S.; Mohan M.T.; Sritharan S.S.
2018Global strong solutions of the stochastic three dimensional inviscid simplified bardina turbulence modelMohan M.T.
2017L p −Solutions of the stochastic navier-stokes equations subject to lévy noise with L m (R m ) initial dataMohan M.T.; Sritharan S.S.
2016New methods for local solvability of quasilinear symmetric hyperbolic systemsMohan M.T.; Sritharan S.S.
2019On some p–almost hadamard matricesMohan M.T.
2018On the two-dimensional tidal dynamics system: stationary solution and stabilityMohan M.T.
2018Optimization problems with orthogonal matrix constraintsArasu K.T.; Mohan M.T.
2011Shell model of turbulence perturbed by Lévy noiseManna U.; Mohan M.T.
2016Stochastic Euler equations of fluid dynamics with Lévy noiseMohan M.T.; Sritharan S.S.
2019Stochastic Navier-Stokes equations perturbed by Lévy noise with hereditary viscosityMohan M.T.; Sritharan S.S.
2014Stochastic Navier–Stokes Equations in Unbounded Channel DomainsManna U.; Mohan M.T.; Sritharan S.S.
2017Stochastic non-resistive magnetohydrodynamic system with Lévy noiseManna U.; Mohan M.T.; Sritharan S.S.
2017Stochastic quasilinear evolution equations in UMD Banach spacesMohan M.T.; Sritharan S.S.
2019Well-posedness of Hall-magnetohydrodynamics system forced by L e ´ vy noiseYamazaki K.; Mohan M.T.