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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004A risk-based model to establish threshold planning quantities of hazardous substancesMohan M.; Gurjar B.R.
2013Assessment of urban heat island effect for different land use-land cover from micrometeorological measurements and remote sensing data for megacity DelhiMohan M.; Kikegawa Y.; Gurjar B.R.; Bhati S.; Kolli N.R.
2004Emission estimates and trends (1990-2000) for megacity Delhi and implicationsGurjar B.R.; Van Aardenne J.A.; Lelieveld J.; Mohan M.
2003Integrated risk analysis for acute and chronic exposure to toxic chemicalsGurjar B.R.; Mohan M.
2003Potential health risks due to toxic contamination in the ambient environment of certain Indian statesGurjar B.R.; Mohan M.
1996Potential health risks related to carcinogens in the atmospheric environment in IndiaGurjar B.R.; Mohan M.; Sidhu K.S.
2007Preparation and validation of gridded emission inventory of criteria air pollutants and identification of emission hotspots for megacity DelhiMohan M.; Dagar L.; Gurjar B.R.
2010Sensitivity analysis of probits with respect to quantitative risk assessment of airborne toxic chemicals using IITD-QRA modelMohan M.; Gurjar B.R.