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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020A New Indirect Power Control of Induction Motor DrivesPangam A.; Mohan H.; Pathak M.; Jeevanand S.; Dwivedi S.
2019Direct power control of induction motor drivesMohan H.; Pathak M.K.; Dwivedi S.K.
2018Dynamic Performance of Doubly Fed Hydroelectric Machines under Voltage Unbalance - A Relative Electrothermomechanical AnalysisSingh R.R.; Selvaraj R.; Mohan H.; Chelliah T.R.
2017Energy conservation on induction motors drives with immune control strategy using full spectrum simulatorMohan H.; Singh R.R.; Agrawal K.; Kumar B.A.; Chelliah T.R.
2018Model reference adaptive controller based stand alone solar PV pumping systemRaveendhra D.; Mohan H.; Pathak M.K.; Rajana P.
2017Optimal energy switching strategy for doubly fed VSD using fuzzy - Decision control algorithmSingh R.R.; Mohan H.; Chelliah T.R.
2017Performance of doubly fed machines influenced to electrical perturbation in pumped storage plant - a comparative electromechanical analysisSingh R.R.; Mohan H.; Chelliah T.R.
2020Reactive Power Based Speed Control of Induction Motor Drive using Fuzzy Logic for Industrial ApplicationsMohan H.; Pathak M.K.; Dwivedi S.K.
2018Reduced Dump Load Strategy with FDI using FSS in Micro-Hydel Generating SystemsKumar B.A.; Singh R.R.; Mohan H.; Chelliah T.R.; Abdul Karim S.A.; Zainuddin N.; Sa'ad N.; Yusof M.H.
2019Sensorless Control of Electric Drives–A Technological ReviewMohan H.; Pathak M.K.; Dwivedi S.K.