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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Advanced radiation calculations of hypersonic reentry flows using efficient databasing schemesSohn I.; Bansal, Ankit; Levin D.A.; Modest M.F.
2013Modeling of radiative heat transfer in carbonaceous atmospheres using k-distribution modelsBansal, Ankit; Modest M.F.
2011Multi-scale k-distribution model for gas mixtures in hypersonic nonequilibrium flowsBansal, Ankit; Modest M.F.; Levin D.A.
2010Multigroup correlated-k distribution method for nonequilibrium atomic radiationBansal, Ankit; Modest M.F.; Levin D.A.
2012Simulation of hypersonic flow and radiation over a mars reentry vehicle using OpenFOAMBansal, Ankit; Feldick A.; Modest M.F.