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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012A comparative study of different approaches of noise removal for document imagesSingh B.; Mridula; Chand V.; Mittal A.; Ghosh, Debashish
2017A Computer Vision Framework for Detecting and Preventing Human-Elephant CollisionsMittal A.; Dua I.; Shukla P.; Raman, Balasubramanian
2007A fuzzy logic approach to detect hotspots with NOAA/AVHRR image using multi-channel information fusion techniqueGautam R.S.; Singh, Dharmendra; Mittal A.
2019A Modified LSTM Model for Continuous Sign Language Recognition Using Leap MotionMittal A.; Kumar P.; Pratim Roy, Partha; Balasubramanian R.; Chaudhuri B.B.
2009A modified particle swarm optimizer and its application to the design of microwave filtersChauhan N.C.; Kartikeyan, Machavaram Venkata; Mittal A.
2008An efficient contextual algorithm to detect subsurface fires with NOAA/AVHRR dataGautam R.S.; Singh, Dharmendra; Mittal A.
2007Application of principal component analysis and information fusion technique to detect hotspots in NOAA/AVHRR images of Jharia coalfield, IndiaGautam R.S.; Singh, Dharmendra; Mittal A.
2008Application of SVM on satellite images to detect hotspots in Jharia coal field region of IndiaGautam R.S.; Singh, Dharmendra; Mittal A.; Sajin P.
2009CAD of RF windows using multiobjective particle swarm optimizationChauhan N.C.; Kartikeyan, Machavaram Venkata; Mittal A.
2019Data extraction from traffic videos using machine learning approachMittal A.; Gupta M.; Ghosh, Indrajit; Bansal J.C.; Nagar A.; Ojha A.K.; Das K.N.; Deep K.
2008Design and optimization of nonlinear tapers using particle swarm optimizationChauhan N.; Mittal A.; Wagner D.; Kartikeyan, Machavaram Venkata; Thumm M.K.
2019Design and Verification of Three Phase Sequence Decomposer on Re-configurable HardwareKumar P.; Mittal A.; Reddy K.U.K.; Chowdhary S.; Kumar, Vishal Venkatesh; Pratap R.
2008Design of RF window using multi-objective particle swarm optimizationChauhan N.C.; Kartikeyan, Machavaram Venkata; Member S.; Mittal A.
2007Effect of xylanases from Aspergillus niger NKUC3-0.2 mutant strain on prebleaching of hardwood mixed pulps and its impact on CEPHH bleaching sequenceDutt, Dharm; Tyagi C.H.; Jindal A.K.; Mittal A.
2010Evolutionary algorithms for the design of specific micro-/millimeter wave componentGoel D.; Kartikeyan, Machavaram Venkata; Niyogi, Rajdeep; Mittal A.
2007Fusion of MODIS, AVHRR and ASTER data using curvelet transform for land cover classificationHarish Kumar G.R.; Singh, Dharmendra; Mittal A.
2015Hand gesture recognition using discrete wavelet transform and support vector machineAgarwal R.; Raman, Balasubramanian; Mittal A.
2007Harmonie analysis of time-series NOAA/AVHRR images for hotspot detection and land features classificationGautam R.S.; Singh, Dharmendra; Mittal A.; Bhatia S.
2009Improvement in the design of a centrifugal impeller for an oil cooling blower system using computational fluid dynamicsMittal A.; Gandhi, Bhupendra K.; Singh, Krishna Mohan
2003Integrated attenuation relations for indian strong motion dataSrivastava, Tanuja; Mittal A.