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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1998Deposition of thin films by laser ablationThareja R.K.; Dwivedi R.K.; Misra A.; Mitra, Anirban; Neogi A.
1999Diagnostics of laser ablated plasmas using fast photographyMisra A.; Mitra, Anirban; Thareja R.K.
2006Hexagonal diamond synthesis on h-GaN strained filmsMisra A.; Tyagi P.K.; Yadav B.S.; Rai P.; Misra D.S.; Pancholi, Vivek; Samajdar I.D.
2008On the connectivity of circularly distributed nodes in ad hoc wireless networksMisra A.; Teltia G.; Chaturvedi, Ajit Kumar
2018Towards an integrated framework for air quality monitoring and exposure estimation—a reviewSingla S.; Bansal D.; Misra A.; Raheja, Gaurav
2007Using ASTER TIR radiance and surface emissivity data to map lithology and silica abundance in a metamorphic terrainMisra A.; Gupta R.P.; Sen A.K.