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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001Absence of nonlocal counter terms in the gauge boson propagator in axial type gaugesJoglekar S.D.; Misra A.
2004An N = 1 triality by spectrum matchingMisra A.
2011"Big" divisor D3/D7 Swiss-cheese phenomenologyMisra A.
2019Bulk viscosity at extreme limits: from kinetic theory to stringsCzajka A.; Dasgupta K.; Gale C.; Jeon S.; Misra A.; Richard M.; Sil K.
2000Correct treatment of 1/( eta x k)**p singularities in the axial gauge propagatorJoglekar S.D.; Misra A.
2017Delocalized SYZ mirrors and confronting top–down SU(3)-structure holographic meson masses at finite g and Nc with P(article) D(ata) G(roup) valuesYadav V.; Misra A.; Sil K.
1999Derivation of the effective pion - nucleon Lagrangian within heavy baryon chiral perturbation theoryMisra A.; Koltun D.S.
2000Field dependent BRS transformations and correct prescription for 1/(eta k)**p type singularities in axial gaugesMisra A.
2009"Finite" non-Gaussianities and tensor-scalar ratio in large volume Swiss-cheese compactificationsMisra A.; Shukla P.
2006Flow equations for uplifting half-flat to Spin(7) manifoldsMisra A.
2005Flux vacua statistics for two-parameter Calabi-Yau'sMisra A.; Nanda A.
2006Hexagonal diamond synthesis on h-GaN strained filmsMisra A.; Tyagi P.K.; Yadav B.S.; Rai P.; Misra D.S.; Pancholi V.; Samajdar I.D.
2008Large volume axionic Swiss cheese inflationMisra A.; Shukla P.
2012Local D3/D7 μ-split Susy, 125 GeV higgs and large volume Ricci-flat Swiss-Cheese metrics: A brief reviewMisra A.
2018M-theory exotic scalar glueball decays to mesons at finite couplingYadav V.; Misra A.
2008Moduli stabilization, large-volume dS minimum without over(D 3, -)-branes, (non-)supersymmetric black hole attractors and two-parameter Swiss cheese Calabi-Yau'sMisra A.; Shukla P.
2005MQCD, ("Barely") G2 manifolds and (orientifold of) a compact Calabi-YauMisra A.
2013(N)LSP decays and gravitino dark matter relic abundance in big divisor (nearly) SLagy D3/D7 μ-split SUSYDhuria M.; Misra A.
2016New insights into properties of large-N holographic thermal QCD at finite gauge coupling at (the non-conformal/next-to) leading order in NSil K.; Misra A.
2002Noncommutative N = 2 p - p′ systemMisra A.