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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Aerosol number concentrations and new particle formation events over a polluted megacity during the COVID-19 lockdownYadav S.K.; Kompalli S.K.; Gurjar, Bhola Ram; Mishra R.K.
2016Air quality assessment along urban transport corridor in megacityMishra R.K.; Shukla A.; Parida, Manoranjan
2007An ANN application for fault finding in antenna arraysPatnaik, Amalendu; Choudhury B.; Pradhan P.; Mishra R.K.; Christodoulou C.
1997An artificial neural network model for effective dielectric constant of microstrip linePatnaik, Amalendu; Mishra R.K.; Patra G.K.; Dash S.K.
2000ANN techniques in microwave engineeringPatnaik, Amalendu; Mishra R.K.
2004Applications of neural networks in wireless communicationsPatnaik, Amalendu; Anagnostou D.E.; Mishra R.K.; Christodoulou C.G.; Lyke J.C.
2020Bio-macromolecular interaction studies: Synthesis, crystal structure of water-soluble manganese(II) complexesTyagi N.; Singh O.; Mishra R.K.; Ghosh, Kaushik
1998Design of circular microstrip antenna using neural networksMishra R.K.; Patnaik, Amalendu
2003Designing rectangular patch antenna using the nurospectral methodMishra R.K.; Patnaik, Amalendu
2010EIA based noise impact analysis for MRTS corridorMishra R.K.; Sharma A.; Parida, Manoranjan; Rangnekar, Santosh N.
2010Evaluation and analysis of traffic noise along bus rapid transit system corridorMishra R.K.; Parida, Manoranjan; Rangnekar, Santosh N.
2021Evaluation of urban transport-environment sustainable indicators during Odd–Even scheme in IndiaKumar R.; Mishra R.K.; Chandra, Satish; Hussain A.
2021Experimental and Numerical Study of Temperature Distribution on Float Glass Along the WallMishra R.K.; Dasgotra A.; Tiwari M.K.; Gupta, Akhilesh Kumar; Kumar R.; Sharma P.K.; Revankar S.; Sen S.; Sahu D.
2021Experimental Study on Elevated Methanol Pool Fires in a CompartmentTiwari M.K.; Gupta, Akhilesh Kumar; Kumar R.; Mishra R.K.; Chaudhary A.; Sharma P.K.; Revankar S.; Sen S.; Sahu D.
1998Neural network-based CAD model for the design of square-patch antennasMishra R.K.; Patnaik, Amalendu
1999Neurospectral Computation for Complex Resonant Frequency of Microstrip ResonatorsMishra R.K.; Patnaik, Amalendu
1999Neurospectral computation for input impedance of rectangular microstrip antennaMishra R.K.; Patnaik, Amalendu
1998New method for calculating the input impedance of rectangular patch antennaMishra R.K.; Patra G.K.; Patnaik, Amalendu; Dash S.K.
2012Noise impact assessment due to operational public transport system in DelhiMishra R.K.; Parida, Manoranjan; Rangnekar, Santosh N.
2011Nonparametric approach to rank global petroleum business opportunitiesMishra R.K.; Rahman, Zillur