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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018A critical review on application of solar energy as renewable regeneration heat source in solid desiccant – vapor compression hybrid cooling systemJani D.B.; Mishra M.; Sahoo P.K.
2017A critical review on solid desiccant-based hybrid cooling systemsJani D.B.; Mishra M.; Sahoo P.K.
2014A grain size model for role of tectonics and climate on sedimentation in Siwaliks in Mohand areaMishra M.; Chakrapani G.J.
2018A Novel Ramp-based Pulse Shaping Filter for Reducing out of Band Emission in 5G GFDM SystemMishra M.; Aich S.; Kim H.-C.; Pradhan P.M.
2019Aerothermal characteristics of a rectangular duct with periodic trapezium ribsSharma N.; Tariq A.; Mishra M.
2018Aerothermal Characteristics of Solid and Slitted Pentagonal Rib TurbulatorsTariq A.; Sharma N.; Mishra M.
2017Application of artificial neural network for predicting performance of solid desiccant cooling systems – A reviewJani D.B.; Mishra M.; Sahoo P.K.
2015Characterization and cloning of an 11S globulin with hemagglutination activity from Murraya paniculataSingh A.; Selvakumar P.; Saraswat A.; Tomar P.P.S.; Mishra M.; Singh P.K.; Sharma A.K.
2018Detailed heat transfer and fluid flow investigation in a rectangular duct with truncated prismatic ribsSharma N.; Tariq A.; Mishra M.
2018Detailed heat transfer and friction factor characteristics in a rectangular duct with alternate solid and converging-slit ribsSharma N.; Ali M.S.; Tariq A.; Mishra M.
2017Detailed heat transfer investigation inside a rectangular duct with an array of ventilated rib turbulatorsSharma N.; Tariq A.; Mishra M.
2008Dynamic behavior of three-fluid crossflow heat exchangersMishra M.; Das P.K.; Sarangi S.
2002Effect of end heat exchanger parameters on the performance of a natural circulation loopRao N.M.; Mishra M.; Maiti B.; Das P.K.
2008Effect of temperature and flow nonuniformity on transient behaviour of crossflow heat exchangerMishra M.; Das P.K.; Sarangi S.
2011Effects of delta-shaped obstacles on the thermal performance of solar air heaterBekele A.; Mishra M.; Dutta S.
2013Energy efficient computing- Green cloud computingJain A.; Mishra M.; Peddoju S.K.; Jain N.
2016Exergy analysis of solid desiccant-vapour compression hybrid air conditioning systemJani D.B.; Mishra M.; Sahoo P.K.
2018Experimental investigation of flow structure due to truncated prismatic rib turbulators using particle image velocimetrySharma N.; Tariq A.; Mishra M.
2019Experimental Investigation of Heat Transfer Enhancement in Rectangular Duct with Pentagonal RibsSharma N.; Tariq A.; Mishra M.
2016Experimental investigation on solid desiccant-vapor compression hybrid air-conditioning system in hot and humid weatherJani D.B.; Mishra M.; Sahoo P.K.