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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007A theoritical model development -Effect of initial phenol concentrations on phenol degradation by using Pseudomonas putida cells immobilized on calcium alginate matrixMahadevaswamy M.; Mishra I.M.; Prasad B.; Mall I.D.
2017Active ceria-calcium oxide catalysts for dimethyl carbonate synthesis by conversion of CO2Kumar P.; Srivastava V.C.; Gläser R.; With P.; Mishra I.M.
2016Adsorption equilibria of propylene and propane on zeolites and prediction of their binary adsorption with the ideal adsorbed solution theoryDivekar S.; Nanoti A.; Dasgupta S.; Aarti; Chauhan R.; Gupta P.; Garg M.O.; Singh S.P.; Mishra I.M.
2014Adsorption Kinetics and Thermodynamics of COD Removal of Acid Pre-treated Petrochemical Wastewater by using Granular Activated CarbonVerma S.; Prasad B.; Mishra I.M.
2014Adsorption of acrylonitrile from aqueous solution using bagasse fly ashKumar A.; Prasad B.; Mishra I.M.
2012Adsorption of Aniline, Phenol, 4-chlorophenol and 4-nitrophenol by granular activated carbon: Relationship with solvatochromic parameters modeling studySuresh S.; Srivastava V.C.; Mishra I.M.
2017Adsorption of aniline, phenol, 4-chlorophenol and 4-nitrophenol onto granular activated carbon: Isotherm, thermodynamics and relationship with solvatochromic parametersSuresh S.; Srivastava V.C.; Mishra I.M.
2007Adsorption of benzaldehyde on granular activated carbon: Kinetics, equilibrium, and thermodynamicRajoriya R.K.; Prasad B.; Mishra I.M.; Wasewar K.L.
2012Adsorption of catechol, resorcinol, hydroquinone, and their derivatives: A reviewSuresh S.; Srivastava V.C.; Mishra I.M.
2008Adsorption of toxic metal ions onto activated carbon. Study of sorption behaviour through characterization and kineticsSrivastava V.C.; Mall I.D.; Mishra I.M.
2008Adsorption of zinc using tea factory waste: Kinetics, equilibrium and thermodynamicsWasewar K.L.; Atif M.; Prasad B.; Mishra I.M.
2007Adsorption thermodynamics and isosteric heat of adsorption of toxic metal ions onto bagasse fly ash (BFA) and rice husk ash (RHA)Srivastava V.C.; Mall I.D.; Mishra I.M.
2008Adsorptive removal of acrylonitrile by commercial grade activated carbon: Kinetics, equilibrium and thermodynamicsKumar A.; Prasad B.; Mishra I.M.
2005Adsorptive removal of malachite green dye from aqueous solution by bagasse fly ash and activated carbon-kinetic study and equilibrium isotherm analysesMall I.D.; Srivastava V.C.; Agarwal N.K.; Mishra I.M.
2006Adsorptive removal of phenol by bagasse fly ash and activated carbon: Equilibrium, kinetics and thermodynamicsSrivastava V.C.; Swamy M.M.; Mall I.D.; Prasad B.; Mishra I.M.
2011Adsorptive removal of phenol from binary aqueous solution with aniline and 4-nitrophenol by granular activated carbonSuresh S.; Srivastava V.C.; Mishra I.M.
2016An adaptive modeling of petroleum emulsion formation and stability by a heuristic multiobjective artificial neural network-genetic algorithmKundu P.; Paul V.; Kumar V.; Mishra I.M.
2014Analysis of fire and explosion hazards during surface transport of liquefied petroleum gas: A case studyBariha N.; Mishra I.M.; Srivastava V.C.
2008Antagonistic competitive equilibrium modeling for the adsorption of ternary metal ion mixtures from aqueous solution onto bagasse fly ashSrivastava V.C.; Mall I.D.; Mishra I.M.
2009Batch adsorption of zinc on tea factory wasteWasewar K.L.; Atif M.; Prasad B.; Mishra I.M.