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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015An SPR-based sensor with an extremely large dynamic range of refractive index measurements in the visible region,Mishra A.K.; Mishra S.K.; Verma R.K.
2017Analysis of free carrier effects on MI in silicon-on-insulator nano-waveguidesChaturvedi D.; Mishra A.K.; Kumar A.
2012Anomalous self-steepening, temporal pulse splitting and ring formation in a left-handed metamaterial with cubic nonlinearityKumar A.; Mishra A.K.
2020Biostratigraphy, palaeoenvironment and sea level changes during pre-collisional (Palaeocene) phase of the Indian plate: palynological evidence from Akli Formation in Giral Lignite Mine, Barmer Basin, Rajasthan, Western India.Prasad V.; Uddandam P.R.; Agrawal S.; Bajpai S.; Singh I.B.; Mishra A.K.; Sharma A.; Kumar M.; Verma P.
2018Carrier dynamics in a tunneling injection quantum dot semiconductor optical amplifierKhanonkin I.; Eisenstein G.; Lorke M.; Michael S.; Jahnke F.; Mishra A.K.; Reithmaier J. P.
2015Coherent control in quantum dot gain media using shaped pulses: a numerical studyMishra A.K.; Karni O.; Eisenstein G.
2016Coherent control in room-temperature quantum dot semiconductor optical amplifiers using shaped pulsesKarni O.; Mishra A.K.; Eisenstein G.; Ivanov V.; Reithmaier J. P.
2019Coherent light matter interactions in nano structure based active semiconductor waveguides operating at room temperatureEisenstein G.; Reithmaier J. P.; Capua A.; Karni O.; Mishra A.K.; Bauer S.; Khanonkin I.
2017Controlling photon echo in InAs/InP based quantum-dot semiconductor optical amplifierMishra A.K.; Karni O.; Khanonkin I.; Eisenstein G.
2012Cost reduction and upgrading of basic properties of absorbent-grade paperDutt D.; Mishra A.K.; Kumar A.; Mishra N.C.
2012Cost reduction and upgrading of basic properties of absorbent-grade paperDutt D.; Mishra A.K.; Kumar A.; Mishra N.C.
2017Cross-phase modulation induced modulation instability in negative index metamaterial with saturable nonlinear responseMishra A.K.; Kumar A.
2019Development of 42-GHz, 200-kW gyrotron for indian tokamak system tested in the regime of short pulselengthBera A.; Singh N.K.; Kumar N.; Rathi D.; Satynaryana K.; Singh U.; Kulkarni S.V.; Mishra A.K.; Vishant; Khatun H.; Alaria M.K.; Varia A.; Parmar K.; Kadia B.; Srinivas Y.S.S.; Kevadia M.; Ranjan O.; Pareek N.; Babu R.; Das S.; Jain P.K.; Sinha A.K.; Kartikeyan M.V.; Joshi S.
2017Doped single-wall carbon nanotubes in propagating surface plasmon resonance based fiber optic refractive index sensingMishra A.K.; Mishra S.K.; Verma R.K.
2015Fuchs Sondheimer–Drude Lorentz model and Drude model in the study of SPR based optical sensors: a theoretical studySharma N.; Joy A.; Mishra A.K.; Verma R. K.
2016Gas sensing in Kretschmann configuration utilizing bi-metallic layer of Rhodium-Silver in visible regionMishra A.K.; Mishra S.K.
2015Gas-clad two-way fiber optic SPR sensor: a novel approach for refractive index sensingMishra A.K.; Mishra S.K.; Gupta B. D.
2018Giant infra-red sensitivity of surface plasmon resonance based refractive index sensorMishra A.K.; Mishra S.K.
2016Graphene and beyond Graphene MoS2: a new window in surface-plasmon-resonance-based fiber optic sensingMishra A.K.; Mishra S.K.; Verma R. K.
2015Highest achievable detection range for SPR based sensors using Gallium Phosphide (GaP) as a substrate: a theoretical studyVerma R. K.; Mishra A.K.