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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Decentralized Nonlinear Adaptive Optimal Control Scheme for Enhancement of Power System StabilityMir, Abdul Saleem; Bhasin S.; Senroy N.
2020DFIG damping controller design using robust CKF-Based adaptive dynamic programmingMir, Abdul Saleem; Senroy N.
2021Dynamic State Estimation for Power System Control and ProtectionLiu Y.; Singh A.K.; Zhao J.; Meliopoulos A.P.S.; Pal B.; Ariff M.A.B.M.; Van Cutsem T.; Glavic M.; Huang Z.; Kamwa I.; Mili L.; Mir, Abdul Saleem; Taha A.; Terzija V.; Yu S.
2019Intelligently Controlled Flywheel Storage for Enhanced Dynamic PerformanceMir, Abdul Saleem; Senroy N.
2018Intelligently Controlled Flywheel Storage for Wind Power SmoothingMir, Abdul Saleem; Senroy N.
2019Resource-Mix Variability Mitigation: EWT Based Optimal Sizing/Control of Hybrid Storage SystemMir, Abdul Saleem; Senroy N.
2021Robust Observer Based Methodology for Frequency and Rate of Change of Frequency Estimation in Power SystemsMir, Abdul Saleem; Singh A.K.; Senroy N.
2020Self-Tuning Neural Predictive Control Scheme for Ultrabattery to Emulate a Virtual Synchronous Machine in Autonomous Power SystemsMir, Abdul Saleem; Senroy N.