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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Adhesively bonded composite tubular joints: ReviewParashar, Avinash; Mertiny P.
2010Challenges in joining thermoset composite pipingParashar, Avinash; Mertiny P.
2018Displacement thresholds and knock-on cross sections for hydrogenated h-BN monolayersKumar R.; Parashar, Avinash; Mertiny P.
2012Effect of FRP pipe scaling on its adhesive bonding strengthParashar, Avinash; Mertiny P.
2013Effect of van der waals forces on the buckling strength of grapheneParashar, Avinash; Mertiny P.
2013Effect of van der Waals interaction on the mode i fracture characteristics of graphene sheetParashar, Avinash; Mertiny P.
2016Effects of Different Hydrogenation Regimes on Mechanical Properties of h-BN: A Reactive Force Field StudyKumar R.; Mertiny P.; Parashar, Avinash
2013Failure mechanism in adhesively bonded FRP pipe sections with different fibre architectureParashar, Avinash; Mertiny P.
2013Finite element analysis to study the effect of dimensional and geometrical parameters on the stability of graphene sheetsParashar, Avinash; Mertiny P.
2011Impact of scaling on fracture strength of adhesively bonded fibre-reinforced polymer pipingParashar, Avinash; Mertiny P.
2012Multiscale model to investigate the effect of graphene on the fracture characteristics of graphene/polymer nanocompositesParashar, Avinash; Mertiny P.
2013Multiscale model to study of fracture toughening in graphene/polymer nanocompositeParashar, Avinash; Mertiny P.
2012Representative volume element to estimate buckling behavior of graphene/polymer nanocompositeParashar, Avinash; Mertiny P.
2012Study of mode i fracture of graphene sheets using atomistic based finite element modeling and virtual crack closure techniqueParashar, Avinash; Mertiny P.
2010Technological advances for improved performance and operation of fiber-reinforced polymer pipingMertiny P.; Bashar M.; Parashar, Avinash; Juss K.