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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007A new way to encode and exchange information in free-spaceYadav B.K.; Mehrotra R.; Kandpal H.C.; Rizvi S.A.M.
2003Age specific incidence rate and pathological spectrum of oral cancer in AllahabadMehrotra R.; Singh M.; Kumar D.; Anpandey; Gupta R.K.; Sinha U.S.
2009Characterization of thermally degraded pulp by near-infrared spectroscopyKaushik A.K.; Mehrotra R.; Kandpal H.C.
2006Construction of spatial-coherence spectral filters using a Fourier-achromat systemKandpal H.C.; Mehrotra R.
2008Determination of moisture content in 5-fluorouracil using diffuse reflectance infrared spectroscopySingh P.; Jangir D.K.; Mehrotra R.; Kandpal H.C.; Jayakumar V.S.; Vaidyan V.K.
2005Determination of surface flatness by spectral interferometric methodKandpal H.C.; Mehrotra R.; Raman S.
2008Differentiation of normal and malignant breast tissues using infrared spectroscopyMehrotra R.; Jangir D.K.; Gupta A.; Kandpal H.C.; Jayakumar V.S.; Vaidyan V.K.
2007Diffraction-induced spectral anomalies for information encoding and information hiding - Possibilities and limitationsYadav B.K.; Bisht N.S.; Mehrotra R.; Kandpal H.C.
2005Dissociation of clinical and laboratory diagnosis in hypothyroidismBajaj S.; Sharma G.P.; Kumar D.; Mehrotra R.
2008Evaluation of thermal stability of indinavir sulphate using diffuse reflectance infrared spectroscopySingh P.; Premkumar L.; Mehrotra R.; Kandpal H.C.; Bakhshi A.K.
2008Experimental observation of the effect of astigmatic aperture lens on the spectral switches of polychromatic Gaussian beamRaman S.; Bisht N.S.; Yadav B.K.; Mehrotra R.; Husain M.; Kandpal H.C.
2007Fabrication, characterization and chemical modification of anthracene based nanostructuresGupta A.; Goel S.; Mehrotra R.; Kandpal H.C.
2000Influence of education and occupation on knowledge about diabetes controlMehrotra R.; Bajaj S.; Kumar D.; Singh K.J.
2007Information encoding by spectral anomalies of spatially coherent light diffracted by an annular apertureYadav B.K.; Rizvi S.A.M.; Raman S.; Mehrotra R.; Kandpal H.C.
2007Infrared spectroscopic analysis of tumor pathologyMehrotra R.; Gupta A.; Kaushik A.; Prakash N.; Kandpal H.
2010Near infrared spectroscopic investigation of the thermal degradation of woodMehrotra R.; Singh P.; Kandpal H.
2006Novel method of fabrication of doped polyaniline nanostructuresGupta A.; Goel S.; Singh K.P.; Mehrotra R.; Kandpal H.C.
2007Observation of Gouy phase anomaly with an interferometerKandpal H.C.; Raman S.; Mehrotra R.
2007Optical studies of polyaniline nanostructuresGoel S.; Gupta A.; Singh K.P.; Mehrotra R.; Kandpal H.C.
2004Radiation-related cytological changes in oral malignant cellsMehrotra R.; Goel N.; Singh M.; Kumar D.