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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Admission Control Policy of Maintenance for Unreliable Server Machining System with Working VacationJain M.; Shekhar C.; Meena R.K.
2017Control F-policy for Markovian retrial queue with server breakdownsJain M.; Sanga S.S.; Meena R.K.
2017Fault tolerant system with imperfect coverage, reboot and server vacationJain M.; Meena R.K.
2019Fuzzy modeling and harmony search optimization for machining system with general repair, standby support and vacationMeena R.K.; Jain M.; Sanga S.S.; Assad A.
2019Maintainability of Redundant Machining System with Vacation, Imperfect Recovery and Reboot DelayJain M.; Meena R.K.; Kumar P.
2019Performance analysis and control F-policy for fault-tolerant system with working vacationJain M.; Shekhar C.; Meena R.K.
2019Performance Modeling of Fault-Tolerant Machining System with Working Vacation and Working BreakdownJain M.; Sharma R.; Meena R.K.
2017Retrial bulk queue with state dependent arrival and negative customersSingh C.J.; Jain M.; Kaur S.; Meena R.K.; Das K.N.; Pant M.; Deep K.; Bansal J.C.; Lal A.K.; Garg H.; Nagar A.K.
2018Vacation model for Markov machine repair problem with two heterogeneous unreliable servers and threshold recoveryJain M.; Meena R.K.