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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021A combined theoretical and experimental investigation of the valorization of mechanical and thermal properties of the fly ash-reinforced polypropylene hybrid compositesMaurya A.K.; Gogoi R.; Sethi S.K.; Manik, Gaurav
2016A critical analysis of polarimetrie signatures on PALSAR 2 data for land cover classificationMaurya A.K.; Phartiyal G.S.; Singh, Dharmendra
2019A Framework for High-Resolution Soil Moisture Extraction Using SCATSAT-1 Scatterometer DataMurugan D.; Maurya A.K.; Garg A.; Singh, Dharmendra
2019A Step for Digital Agriculture by Estimating Near Real Time Soil Moisture with Scatsat-1 DataMaurya A.K.; Murugan D.; Singh, Dharmendra; Singh K.P.
2017A study on ocean wave power and utilization for Indian coastal regionMaurya A.K.; Singh, Sajjanpal
2021An approach for soil moisture estimation using urban and vegetation fraction cover from coarse resolution Scatsat-1 dataMaurya A.K.; Murugan D.; Singh, Dharmendra
2016An approach to use polarimetric signature for land cover classificationMaurya A.K.; Ahmed T.; Singh, Dharmendra; Balasubramanian R.
2020Analysis of Cascaded Buck–Boost Inverter for PMLG-Based Ocean Wave Energy ConverterMaurya A.K.; Singh, Sajjanpal
2019Assessment of Ocean Wave Energy Converters for Indian Coastal RegionMaurya A.K.; Singh, Sajjanpal
2020Bivariate modeling of time headways in mixed traffic streams: a copula approachDas, Sanhita; Maurya A.K.
2020Defining Time-to-Collision Thresholds by the Type of Lead Vehicle in Non-Lane-Based Traffic EnvironmentsDas, Sanhita; Maurya A.K.
2019Determinants of time headway in staggered car-following conditionsDas, Sanhita; Maurya A.K.; Budhkar A.K.
2018Development of fusion approach for estimation of vegetation fraction cover with drone and sentinel-2 dataMaurya A.K.; Singh, Dharmendra; Singh K.P.
2019Dynamic data collection of staggered-following behavior in non-lane-based traffic streamsDas, Sanhita; Maurya A.K.; Budhkar A.K.
2021Effect of COVID-19 lockdown on noise pollution levels in an Indian city: a case study of KanpurMishra A.; Das, Sanhita; Singh D.; Maurya A.K.
2021Impact of COVID-19: A radical modal shift from public to private transport modeDas, Sanhita; Boruah A.; Banerjee A.; Raoniar R.; Nama S.; Maurya A.K.
2020Improved microwave absorption behavioral response of Ni/SiC and Ni/SiC/graphene composites: A comparative insightSingh S.; Maurya A.K.; Gupta R.; Kumar A.; Singh, Dharmendra
2021Joint distribution modelling of vehicle dynamic parameters using copulaMahapatra G.; Das, Sanhita; Maurya A.K.
2021Mechano-chemically activated fly-ash and sisal fiber reinforced PP hybrid composite with enhanced mechanical propertiesMaurya A.K.; Gogoi R.; Manik, Gaurav
2019Modeling Maneuverability of Motorized Two-Wheelers during Filtering in Urban RoadsDas, Sanhita; Maurya A.K.