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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Colonization and degradation of thermally oxidized high-density polyethylene by aspergillus niger (ITCC No. 6052) isolated from plastic waste dumpsiteMathur G.; Mathur A.; Prasad, Ramasare A.
2017Fault analysis of unbalanced radial and meshed distribution system with inverter based distributed generation (IBDG)Mathur A.; Das, Biswarup; Pant, Vinay
2014Remediation of lnapl contaminated groundwater using plant-assisted biostimulation and bioaugmentation methodsYadav, Brijesh K.; Ansari F.A.; Basu S.; Mathur A.
2009Soil erosion modeling of a Himalayan watershed using RS and GISPandey A.; Mathur A.; Mishra, Surendra Kumar; Mal B.C.
2015Unsymmetrical short-circuit analysis for distribution system considering loadsMathur A.; Pant, Vinay; Das, Biswarup