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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Facile synthesis of CuCr2O4/BiOBr nanocomposite and its photocatalytic activity towards RhB and tetracycline hydrochloride degradation under household visible LED light irradiationGhorai K.; Bhattacharjee M.; Mandal D.; Hossain A.; Bhunia T.; Das M.; Ray P.P.; Show B.; Bera P.; Mandal, Tapas Kumar; Seikh M.M.; Gayen A.
2017Synthesis, spectral elucidation, electrochemistry and DFT interpretation of manganese(II)-thioalkyl-arylazoimidazole complexNandi S.; Das K.; Datta A.; Banerjee, Debasis; Roy S.; Mondal T.K.; Mandal D.; Nanda P.K.; Akitsu T.; Tanaka S.; Sinha C.