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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019A hybrid approach for global sensitivity analysis of FRP composite multi-bolt jointsMandal B.; Chakraborty S.; Chakrabarti A.
2015A simple homogenization scheme for 3D finite element analysis of composite bolted jointsMandal B.; Chakrabarti A.
2016An analysis of the C Class of Bent FunctionsMandal B.; Stănică P.; Gangopadhyay S.; Pasalic E.
2017Cubic Maiorana–McFarland bent functions with no affine derivativeMandal B.; Gangopadhyay S.; Stănică P.
2017Effect of geometry and tightening torque on the performance of laminated composite multi-bolt jointsMandal B.; Chakrabarti A.
2019Effects of Laminate Thickness and Tapering on the Behavior of FRP Composite Multibolt JointsMandal B.; Chakrabarti A.
2018Elasto-plastic damage model considering cohesive matrix interface layers for composite laminatesMandal B.; Chakrabarti A.
2018Gowers U3 norm of some classes of bent Boolean functionsGangopadhyay S.; Mandal B.; Stănică P.
2019New classes of p-ary bent functionsMandal B.; Stănică P.; Gangopadhyay S.
2018Numerical failure assessment of multi-bolt FRP composite joints with varying sizes and preloads of boltsMandal B.; Chakrabarti A.
2018On non-existence of bent–negabent rotation symmetric Boolean functionsMandal B.; Singh B.; Gangopadhyay S.; Maitra S.; Vetrivel V.
2019Simplified 3D FE analysis of FRP composite bolted joints with laminate taperingMandal B.; Chakrabarti A.
2017Simulating progressive damage of notched composite laminates with various lamination schemesMandal B.; Chakrabarti A.
2016Stochastic free vibration analysis of laminated composite plates using polynomial correlated function expansionChakraborty S.; Mandal B.; Chowdhury R.; Chakrabarti A.