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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020A Chaos Based Image Encryption Algorithm based on Multiresolution Singular Value Decomposition and a Symmetric AttractorMusanna F.; Dangwal D.; Kumar S.; Malik V.
2007Analysis of the vibrational properties of Zn1-xCoxO by Raman spectroscopySchumm M.; Koerdel M.; Morhange J.F.; Golacki Z.; Grasza K.; Skupinski P.; Szuszkiewicz W.; Zhou H.; Malik V.; Kalt H.; Klingshirn C.; Geurts J.
2012Colloidal crystallization and structural changes in suspensions of silica/magnetite core-shell nanoparticlesMalik V.; Petukhov A.V.; He L.; Yin Y.; Schmidt M.
2018Electronic structure of Pr2MnNiO6 from x-ray photoemission, absorption and density functional theoryBalasubramanian P.; Joshi S.R.; Yadav R.; De Groot F.M.F.; Singh A.K.; Ray A.; Gupta M.; Singh A.; Maurya S.; Elizabeth S.; Varma S.; Maitra T.; Malik V.
2012Preparation and characterization of ellipsoidal-shaped thermosensitive microgel colloids with tailored aspect ratiosCrassous J.J.; Dietsch H.; Pfleiderer P.; Malik V.; Diaz A.; Hirshi L.A.; Drechsler M.; Schurtenberger P.
2007Raman studies of ZnO: Co thin filmsZhou H.; Chen L.; Malik V.; Knies C.; Hofmann D.M.; Bhatti K.P.; Chaudhary S.; Klar P.J.; Heimbrodt W.; Klingshirn C.; Kalt H.
2012Self-assembly and magnetically induced phase transition of three-dimensional colloidal photonic crystalsHe L.; Malik V.; Wang M.; Hu Y.; Anson F.E.; Yin Y.
2008Soft nanotechnology - From colloid physics to nanostructured functional materialsDietsch H.; Malik V.; Reufer M.; Dagallier C.; Shalkevich A.; Saric M.; Gibaud T.; Cardinaux F.; Scheffold F.; Stradner A.; Schurtenberger P.
2008Surface functionalized magnetic nanoparticles as switchable building blocks for soft nanotechnologyDietsch H.; Reufer M.; Malik V.; Schurtenberger P.