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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017A Comparative Analysis of Heat Transfer and Entropy generation in a MHD Porous  Enclosure Filled with NanofluidMalik S.; Nayak A. K.
2016A comparative study of mixed convection and its effect on partially active thermal zones in a two sided lid-driven cavity filled with nanofluidMalik S.; Nayak A.K.
2017Analysis of Entropy Generation Due to Time Periodic Heating in a MHD Porous EnclosureMalik S.; Nayak A. K
2016Buoyancy driven heat transfer in nanofluids due to wall mounted heat sourceMalik S.; Nayak A.K.
2018Conjugate heat and species transport in an air filled ventilated enclosure with a thermo-contaminated blockGupta N.; Nayak A.K.; Malik S.
2020Digital Rock Physics for Porosity Fractionation and Flow Regime Determination in Carbonate ReservoirsMalik S.;  Sharma R.;  Livo K.; Prasad M.
2018Effect of moving walls on heat transfer and entropy generation in a nanofluid-filled enclosureMalik S.; Nayak A.K.
2019Feasibility of digital rock physics for static and dynamic reservoir property characterization in carbonate reservoirs-IMalik S.; Sharma R.
2015Heat transfer effect of cavity ventilation on cold air in thermally insulated vented and unvented wallKajjam V.; Nayak A. K.; Katiyar V. K.; Singh B.; Malik S.
2016Induced Homoeologous Pairing for Transfer of Useful Variability for High Grain Fe and Zn from Aegilops kotschyi into WheatVerma S.K.; Kumar S.; Sheikh I.; Sharma P.; Mathpal P.; Malik S.; Kundu P.; Awasthi A.; Kumar S.; Prasad R.; Dhaliwal H.S.
2013Layered double hydroxide induced advancement in joint prosthesis using bone cement: 0054he effect of metal substitutionKapusetti G.; Mishra R.R.; Srivastava S.; Misra N.; Singh V.; Roy P.; Singh S.K.; Chakraborty C.; Malik S.; Maiti P.
2016Magneto-convection and its effect on partially active thermal zones in a porous square domainNayak A.K.; Malik S.; Venkateshwarlu K.; Jena P.K.
2017MHD convection and entropy generation of nanofluid in a porous enclosure with sinusoidal heatingMalik S.; Nayak A.K.
2015Mixed convection and heat transfer effects in a two sided lid driven enclosure filled with nano-fluid due to discrete heat sourcesMalik S.; Nayak A. K.
2016Numerical Study of Heat Transfer and Entropy Generation in a Nanofluid Filled Two-Sided Lid-Driven CavityMalik S.; Nayak A. K
2014Numerical study of mixed convection cooling of heat source mounted in lid driven cavity filled with nano-fluidNayak A. K.; Malik S.
2019Pore Space Estimation Using Optimized DRP Workflow in Complex ReservoirsMalik S.;  Sharma R.;  Shettar A. S
2019Scaling Issues in Estimation of Pore Space using Digital Rock PhysicsMalik S.;  Sharma R.
2017Transcription factor Foxo1 is essential for IL-9 induction in T helper cellsMalik S.; Sadhu S.; Elesela S.; Pandey R.P.; Chawla A.S.; Sharma D.; Panda L.; Rathore D.; Ghosh B.; Ahuja V.; Awasthi A.
2016Transfer of useful variability of high grain iron and zinc from Aegilops kotschyi into wheat through seed irradiation approachVerma S.K.; Kumar S.; Sheikh I.; Malik S.; Mathpal P.; Chugh V.; Kumar S.; Prasad R.; Dhaliwal H.S.