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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021A comparative study of the structural, optical, magnetic and magnetocaloric properties of HoCrO3 and HoCr0.85Mn0.15O3 orthochromitesKanwar K.; Coondoo I.; Anas M.; Malik, Vivek K.; Kumar P.; Kumar S.; Kulriya P.K.; Kaushik S.D.; Panwar N.
2019An experimental and theoretical study of magnetocaloric effect in Nd0.5Dy0.5FeO3Singh A.; Rajput S.; Padmanabhan B.; Kaushik K.; Anas M.; Maitra, Tulika; Malik, Vivek K.
2007Analysis of the vibrational properties of Zn1-xCoxO by Raman spectroscopySchumm M.; Koerdel M.; Morhange J.F.; Golacki Z.; Grasza K.; Skupinski P.; Szuszkiewicz W.; Zhou H.; Malik, Vivek K.; Kalt H.; Klingshirn C.; Geurts J.
2018Anisotropic super-paramagnetism in cobalt implanted rutile-TiO2 single crystalsJoshi S.R.; Padmanabhan B.; Chanda A.; Shukla N.; Malik, Vivek K.; Kanjilal D.; Varma S.
2008Cobalt substituted ZnO thin films: A potential candidate for spintronicsBhatti K.P.; Malik, Vivek K.; Chaudhary S.
2010Coexistence and competition of magnetism and superconductivity on the nanometer scale in underdoped BaFe1.89Co0.11As2Marsik P.; Kim K.W.; Dubroka A.; Rössle M.; Malik, Vivek K.; Schulz L.; Wang C.N.; Niedermayer Ch.; Drew A.J.; Willis M.; Wolf T.; Bernhard C.
2008Coexistence of magnetic fluctuations and superconductivity in the pnictide high temperature superconductor SmFeAsO1-xFx measured by Muon spin rotationDrew A.J.; Pratt F.L.; Lancaster T.; Blundell S.J.; Baker P.J.; Liu R.H.; Wu G.; Chen X.H.; Watanabe I.; Malik, Vivek K.; Dubroka A.; Kim K.W.; Rössle M.; Bernhard C.
2009Coexistence of static magnetism and superconductivity in SmFeAsO 1-xFx as revealedbymuon spin rotationDrew A.J.; Niedermayer Ch.; Baker P.J.; Pratt F.L.; Blundell S.J.; Lancaster T.; Liu R.H.; Wu G.; Chen X.H.; Watanabe I.; Malik, Vivek K.; Dubroka A.; Rössle M.; Kim K.W.; Baines C.; Bernhard C.
2012Colloidal crystallization and structural changes in suspensions of silica/magnetite core-shell nanoparticlesMalik, Vivek K.; Petukhov A.V.; He L.; Yin Y.; Schmidt M.
2015Controlling the switching field in nanomagnets by means of domain-engineered antiferromagnetsFolven E.; Linder J.; Gomonay O.V.; Scholl A.; Doran A.; Young A.T.; Retterer S.T.; Malik, Vivek K.; Tybell T.; Takamura Y.; Grepstad J.K.
2011DC magnetization investigations in Ti1-xMnxO 2 nanocrystalline powderSharma S.; Chaudhary S.; Kashyap S.C.; Malik, Vivek K.
2013Depth profile of the ferromagnetic order in a YBa2Cu 3O7/La2/3Ca1/3MnO3 superlattice on a LSAT substrate: A polarized neutron reflectometry studyUribe-Laverde M.A.; Satapathy D.K.; Marozau I.; Malik, Vivek K.; Das S.; Sen K.; Stahn J.; Rühm A.; Kim J.-H.; Keller T.; Devishvili A.; Toperverg B.P.; Bernhard C.
2011Dimensionality control of electronic phase transitions in nickel-oxide superlatticesBoris A.V.; Matiks Y.; Benckiser E.; Frano A.; Popovich P.; Hinkov V.; Wochner P.; Castro-Colin M.; Detemple E.; Malik, Vivek K.; Bernhard C.; Prokscha T.; Suter A.; Salman Z.; Morenzoni E.; Cristiani G.; Habermeier H.-U.; Keimer B.
2009Direct measurement of the electronic spin diffusion length in a fully functional organic spin valve by low-energy muon spin rotationDrew A.J.; Hoppler J.; Schulz L.; Pratt F.L.; Desai P.; Shakya P.; Kreouzis T.; Gillin W.P.; Suter A.; Morley N.A.; Malik, Vivek K.; Dubroka A.; Kim K.W.; Bouyanfif H.; Bourqui F.; Bernhard C.; Scheuermann R.; Nieuwenhuys G.J.; Prokscha T.; Morenzoni E.
2010Dynamical response and confinement of the electrons at the LaAlO3/SrTiO3 interfaceDubroka A.; Rössle M.; Kim K.W.; Malik, Vivek K.; Schultz L.; Thiel S.; Schneider C.W.; Mannhart J.; Herranz G.; Copie O.; Bibes M.; Barthélémy A.; Bernhard C.
2016Effect of cobalt implantation on structural and optical properties of rutile TiO2(110)Joshi S.R.; Padmanabhan B.; Chanda A.; Malik, Vivek K.; Mishra N.C.; Kanjilal D.; Varma S.
2018Electronic structure of Pr2MnNiO6 from x-ray photoemission, absorption and density functional theoryBalasubramanian P.; Joshi S.R.; Yadav R.; De Groot F.M.F.; Singh A.K.; Ray A.; Gupta M.; Singh A.; Maurya S.; Elizabeth S.; Varma S.; Maitra, Tulika; Malik, Vivek K.
2018Engineered superlattices with crossover from decoupled to synthetic ferromagnetic behaviorChopdekar R.V.; Malik, Vivek K.; Kane A.M.; Mehta A.; Arenholz E.; Takamura Y.
2011Engineering spin propagation across a hybrid organic/inorganic interface using a polar layerSchulz L.; Nuccio L.; Willis M.; Desai P.; Shakya P.; Kreouzis T.; Malik, Vivek K.; Bernhard C.; Pratt F.L.; Morley N.A.; Suter A.; Nieuwenhuys G.J.; Prokscha T.; Morenzoni E.; Gillin W.P.; Drew A.J.
2009Enhanced superconducting properties of Eu2O3-doped MgB2Ojha N.; Malik, Vivek K.; Bernhard C.; Varma, Ghanshyam Das