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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015430203 understanding the configuration-mechanical stability relationships for Si-CNT heterostructured anodes for Li-ion battery: A computational studyDamle S.; Pal S.; Maiti S.; Kumta P.N.
2013A continuum material model for urogynecogical meshesPal S.; Thunes J.; Moalli P.; Abramowitch S.; Maiti S.
2014A mechanistic model on the role of "radially-running" collagen fibers on dissection properties of human ascending thoracic aortaPal S.; Tsamis A.; Pasta S.; D'Amore A.; Gleason T.G.; Vorp D.A.; Maiti S.
2016A structural finite element model for lamellar unit of aortic media indicates heterogeneous stress field after collagen recruitmentThunes J.R.; Pal S.; Fortunato R.N.; Phillippi J.A.; Gleason T.G.; Vorp D.A.; Maiti S.
2010Computationally efficient black-box modeling for feasibility analysisBanerjee I.; Pal S.; Maiti S.
2014Copper ion substituted hercynite (Cu 0.03 Fe 0.97 Al 2 O 4 ): A highly active catalyst for liquid phase oxidation of cyclohexaneMistri R.; Maiti S.; Llorca J.; Dominguez M.; Mandal T.K.; Mohanty P.; Ray B.C.; Gayen A.
2001Determination of the absolute two-photon absorption cross section of tryptophanSengupta P.; Balaji J.; Mukherjee S.; Philip R.; Kumar G.R.; Maiti S.; Periasamy A.; So P.T.C.
2014Effect of aneurysm on biomechanical properties of "radially-oriented" collagen fibers in human ascending thoracic aortic mediaTsamis A.; Pal S.; Phillippi J.A.; Gleason T.G.; Maiti S.; Vorp D.A.
2010Effect of microscopic deformation mechanisms on the dynamic response of soft cellular materialsPal S.; Maiti S.; Subhash G.
2016Effect of silicon configurations on the mechanical integrity of silicon-carbon nanotube heterostructured anode for lithium ion battery: A computational studyDamle S.S.; Pal S.; Kumta P.N.; Maiti S.
2013Finite element analysis of magnesium alloy based bone fixation devicesPal S.; Chaya A.; Yoshizawa S.; Chou D.-T.; Hong D.; Maiti S.; Kumta P.N.; Sfeir C.
2015Force production and mechanical accommodation during convergent extensionZhou J.; Pal S.; Maiti S.; Davidson L.A.
2015In vivo study of magnesium plate and screw degradation and bone fracture healingChaya A.; Yoshizawa S.; Verdelis K.; Myers N.; Costello B.J.; Chou D.-T.; Pal S.; Maiti S.; Kumta P.N.; Sfeir C.
2014Magnesium alloys as a biomaterial for degradable craniofacial screwsHenderson S.E.; Verdelis K.; Maiti S.; Pal S.; Chung W.L.; Chou D.-T.; Kumta P.N.; Almarza A.J.
2006Magnetic susceptibility studies of soils in DelhiMaiti S.; Meena N.K.; Sangode S.J.; Chakrapani G.J.
2012Micromechanisms of capacity fade in silicon anode for lithium-ion batteriesPal S.; Damle S.; Patel S.; Dutta M.K.; Kumta P.N.; Maiti S.
2013Mismatches in stiffness between the vagina and transvaginal mesh lead to stress concentrations near an anterior wall incisionThunes J.; Pal S.; Moalli P.; Abramowitch S.; Maiti S.
2013Modeling of lithium segregation induced delamination of a-Si thin film anode in Li-ion batteriesPal S.; Damle S.S.; Kumta P.N.; Maiti S.
2014Modeling the delamination of amorphous-silicon thin film anode for lithium-ion batteryPal S.; Damle S.S.; Patel S.H.; Datta M.K.; Kumta P.N.; Maiti S.
2015The effect of size and location of tears in the supraspinatus tendon on potential tear propagationThunes J.; Miller R.M.; Pal S.; Damle S.; Debski R.E.; Maiti S.