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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010A new value for the half-life of 10Be by Heavy-Ion Elastic Recoil Detection and liquid scintillation countingKorschinek G.; Bergmaier A.; Faestermann T.; Gerstmann U.C.; Knie K.; Rugel G.; Wallner A.; Dillmann I.; Dollinger G.; von Gostomski Ch.L.; Kossert K.; Maiti, Moumita; Poutivtsev M.; Remmert A.
2004An empirical expression to calculate thick target neutron yield distributions from proton induced reactionsMaiti, Moumita; Nandy M.; Roy S.N.; Sarkar P.K.
2003An empirical fit to estimated neutron emission cross sections from proton induced reactionsMaiti, Moumita; Nandy M.; Roy S.N.; Sarkar P.K.
2013An improved method for determination of 7Be in mossesMaiti, Moumita; Tiwari S.R.; Dubey N.B.; Bagla H.; Lahiri S.
2013An improved non-destructive method of potassium determinationMaiti, Moumita; Mandal A.; Lahiri S.
2021Analysis of mass-separated evaporation residues formed in S 32 + Zn 70,68 fusion reactions: The special case of Ru 97,95Kumar D.; Maiti, Moumita; Prajapat R.; Chauhan A.; Biswas R.; Gehlot J.; Nath S.; Kumar R.; Madhavan N.; Jyothi G.N.; Sahoo R.N.; Shaikh M.M.; Srivastava V.
2020Analysis of the dynamics of Li 7 -induced fusion with natZr up to 44 MeVPrajapat R.; Maiti, Moumita
2006Angular distribution of neutrons from heavy ion induced reactions in thick targetsMaiti, Moumita; Nandy M.; Roy S.N.; Sarkar P.K.
2015Aqueous biphasic separation of 97Ru and 95,96Tc from yttriumMaiti, Moumita; Datta A.; Lahiri S.
2021Asymmetric and symmetric fission of excited nuclei of Hg 180,190 and Pb 184,192,202 formed in the reactions with Ar 36 and Ca 40,48 ionsBogachev A.A.; Kozulin E.M.; Knyazheva G.N.; Itkis I.M.; Itkis M.G.; Novikov K.V.; Kumar D.; Banerjee T.; Diatlov I.N.; Cheralu M.; Kirakosyan V.V.; Mukhamejanov Y.S.; Pan A.N.; Pchelintsev I.V.; Tikhomirov R.S.; Vorobiev I.V.; Maiti, Moumita; Prajapat R.; Kumar R.; Sarkar G.; Trzaska W.H.; Andreyev A.N.; Harca I.M.; Vardaci E.
2014Automated unit for separation of arsenic with iron doped calcium alginateSzucs Z.; Kovács B.; Oláh Z.; Dóczi R.; Maiti, Moumita; Lahiri S.
2014Ca 48 + Bk 249 fusion reaction leading to element Z=117: Long-lived α -decaying Db 270 and discovery of Lr 266Khuyagbaatar J.; Yakushev A.; Düllmann Ch.E.; Ackermann D.; Andersson L.-L.; Asai M.; Block M.; Boll R.A.; Brand H.; Cox D.M.; Dasgupta M.; Derkx X.; Di Nitto A.; Eberhardt K.; Even J.; Evers M.; Fahlander C.; Forsberg U.; Gates J.M.; Gharibyan N.; Golubev P.; Gregorich K.E.; Hamilton J.H.; Hartmann W.; Herzberg R.-D.; Heßberger F.P.; Hinde D.J.; Hoffmann J.; Hollinger R.; Hübner A.; Jäger E.; Kindler B.; Kratz J.V.; Krier J.; Kurz N.; Laatiaoui M.; Lahiri S.; Lang R.; Lommel B.; Maiti, Moumita; Miernik K.; Minami S.; Mistry A.; Mokry C.; Nitsche H.; Omtvedt J.P.; Pang G.K.; Papadakis P.; Renisch D.; Roberto J.; Rudolph D.; Runke J.; Rykaczewski K.P.; Sarmiento L.G.; Schädel M.; Schausten B.; Semchenkov A.; Shaughnessy D.A.; Steinegger P.; Steiner J.; Tereshatov E.E.; Thörle-Pospiech P.; Tinschert K.; Torres De Heidenreich T.; Trautmann N.; Türler A.; Uusitalo J.; Ward D.E.; Wegrzecki M.; Wiehl N.; Van Cleve S.M.; Yakusheva V.
2002Comparative studies on inter- and intramolecular electron transfer processes within 4-methoxybenzo[b]thiophene (4MBT) and p-chloroacetophenone (PCA) reacting systems by using steady-state and laser flash photolysis techniquesMaiti, Moumita; Misra T.; Bhattacharya T.; Basu C.; De A.; Sarkar S.K.; Ganguly T.
2014Comparison on the production of radionuclides in 1.4 GeV proton irradiated LBE targets of different thicknessMaiti, Moumita; Ghosh K.; Mendonça T.M.; Stora T.; Lahiri S.
2021Decay aspects of the compound nuclei formed via CF and ICF path in 12C+52Cr reactionSarkar G.; Grover N.; Sharma M.K.; Maiti, Moumita
2009Direction distribution of ambient neutron dose equivalent from 20 MeV protons incident on thick Be and Cu targetsSunil C.; Shanbhag A.A.; Nandy M.; Maiti, Moumita; Bandyopadhyay T.; Sarkar P.K.
2007Estimation of angular distribution of neutron dose using time-of-flight for 19 F + Al system at 110 MeVNandy M.; Sunil C.; Maiti, Moumita; Palit R.; Sarkar P.K.
2020Estimation of production yield of 93mMo and other residues from a 7Li-induced reactionPrajapat R.; Maiti, Moumita
2020Evaporation residue cross section in the Cl 37 + Zn 68 fusion reaction near the Coulomb barrierChauhan A.; Prajapat R.; Sarkar G.; Maiti, Moumita; Kumar R.; Malvika; Gonika; Gehlot J.; Nath S.; Parihari A.; Madhavan N.
2016Experimental probe for the production of Ru 97 from the Li 7 + Nb 93 reaction: A study of precompound emissionsKumar D.; Maiti, Moumita; Lahiri S.