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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20173D local transform patterns: A new feature descriptor for image retrievalGonde A.B.; Murala S.; Vipparthi S.K.; Maheshwari R.; Balasubramanian R.; Kumar S.Raman B.; Roy [initials]P.P.; Sen D.
2014Dual antenna array for radiolocation of RCIED triggerVyas A.; Maheshwari R.; Kumar P.; Naik N.
2009ECG delineation techniques and applications in Cobra venom interacted patientsMaheshwari R.; Kumar V.; Verma H.K.
2010Fault classification technique for series compensated transmission line using support vector machineParikh U.B.; Das, Biswarup; Maheshwari R.
2010Mechatronic design and control of a planar cooperative robotMaheshwari R.; Gupta R.; Jaiwant R.; Patolia H.; Pathak, Pushparaj Mani; Jain S.C.
2007Neural network-based species identification in venom-interacted cases in IndiaMaheshwari R.; Kumar V.; Verma H.K.
2011System reliability and fault tree analysis of SeSWRS based hydrogen-cooling systemBiswal G.; Maheshwari R.; Dewal M.
2006Toxicity and symptomatic identification of species involved in snakebites in the Indian subcontinentKumar V.; Maheshwari R.; Verma H.K.