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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20122 D Finite Element Seismic Analysis of an Earthen Rock-fill DamKhare P.; Maheshwari B.K.
20043-D Finite Element Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis for Soil-Pile-Structure InteractionMaheshwari B.K.; Truman K.Z.
2012A Brief Report on Damage Survey for Sikkim Earthquake of 2011Sinvhal A.; Sharma M.L.; Singh Y.; Maheshwari B.K.
1995A Model to Study Projectile Penetration in Soils.Maheshwari B.K.; Watanabe; H.
2018A Review on Soil-Structure Interaction for Nuclear Power PlantsFiroj M.; Maheshwari B.K.
2011Advances in Soil-Structure Interaction StudiesMaheshwari B.K.
2001Application of Nonlinear Constitutive Model of Soil in Dynamic Soil-Pile Interaction using Finite Element TechniqueMaheshwari B.K.; Truman K.Z.; Gould P.L.
2018Assessment of a Typical Landslide in Uttarakhand and Mitigation SolutionsRawat D.; Maheshwari B.K.
2018Assessment of Liquefaction Potential Index for Roorkee RegionMuley P.; Maheshwari B.K.; Paul D.K.
2006Behavior of Sand-Silt Mixture during LiquefactionPatel A.K.; Maheshwari B.K.
2015Comparison of Different Methods for Evaluating the Liquefaction Potential of Roorkee RegionMaheshwari B.K.; Muley P.; Kirar B.; Pail D.K.
2012Damage Pattern during Sikkim, India Earthquake of September 18, 2011Sharma M.L.; Maheshwari B.K.; Singh Y.; Sinvhal A.
2004Damage to Ports and Lifelines in Tamil Nadu due to Indian Ocean Tsunamis of December 2004Maheshwari B.K.; Sharma M.L.; Narayan J.P.
2017Disaster Management in India and Characterization for Geohazards", held at IIT GuwahatiMaheshwari B.K.
2005Dynamic Analysis of Pile Foundations: Effects of Material Nonlinearity of SoilMaheshwari B.K.; Watanabe H.
2007Dynamic Analysis of Pile Supported Frame Foundation: Impedance FunctionsDutta M.K.; Maheshwari B.K.
2018Dynamic Analysis of Slope Displacements by Sliding Block Method using Finite ElementsSangeeta; Maheshwari B.K.; Kanungo D.P.
2010Dynamic Pile-Cap-Soil-Pile Interactions in Triangular Pile GroupsEmani P.K.; Maheshwari B.K.
2017Dynamic Properties of Solani Sand at Small Strains using Resonant Column ApparatusKirar B.; Maheshwari B.K.
2018Dynamic Properties of Solani Sand in Low Strain Range: Effect of SaturationBhave P.; Maheshwari B.K.