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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009A mathematical model for beams on geosynthetic reinforced earth beds under strip loadingMaheshwari, Priti; Viladkar M.N.
2009A new probabilistic approach to analysis of compressive strength test data of rock specimensMaheshwari, Priti; Viladkar M.N.; Venkatesham E.
2011A nonlinear model for footings on granular bed-stone column reinforced earth bedsMaheshwari, Priti; Khatri S.
2006Analysis of a rigid footing lying on three-layered soil using the finite difference methodMaheshwari, Priti; Madhav M.R.
2004Analysis of beams on reinforced granular bedsMaheshwari, Priti; Basudhar P.K.; Chandra S.
2008Analysis of beams on tensionless reinforced granular fill-soil systemMaheshwari, Priti
2021Analysis of deformation of linear viscoelastic two layered laminated rocksMaheshwari, Priti
2010Analysis of rails on damped tensionless reinforced earth beds under moving loadsMaheshwari, Priti
2019Analysis of rigid pavements on ground improved by geosynthetics and stone columnsMurakonda P.; Maheshwari, Priti
2019Analysis of rigid pavements resting on extensible geosynthetic reinforced earth bedsMurakonda P.; Maheshwari, Priti
2020Analysis of slab railway track system on stone column treated groundBhatra S.; Maheshwari, Priti
2013Beams on extensible geosynthetics and stonecolumn- improved soilMaheshwari, Priti; Chauhan V.B.
2019Closed form solutions for response of machine foundations under accidental blast loadsMaheshwari, Priti; Naramsetti B.S.
2021Contribution of higher modes in the dynamic response of reinforced concrete member subjected to blastBhatt A.; Bhargava, Pradeep; Maheshwari, Priti; Putra H.; Yuwono A.S.; Arif C.; Saptomo S.K.; Simatupang M.; Putri P.Y.
2018Deformation response of geocells in pavements under moving loadsMaheshwari, Priti; Babu L.S.
2019Double Beam Model for Reinforced Tensionless Foundations under Moving LoadsBhatra S.; Maheshwari, Priti
2021Effect of Adjacent Axle Loads on Uplift of Rails on Geocell-Stone Column Improved Tensionless FoundationBhatra S.; Maheshwari, Priti
2018Empirical and probabilistic analysis of blast-induced ground vibrationsMurmu S.; Maheshwari, Priti; Verma H.K.
2011Experimental evaluation of nonlinear Kelvin model constants from triaxial test dataMaheshwari, Priti; Viladkar M.N.; Kumar, Arun
2020Flexural Response of a Plate on Viscoelastic FoundationMurakonda P.; Maheshwari, Priti; Latha Gali M.; Raghuveer Rao P.