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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017A Holistic Approach to Transforming Undergraduate Electrical Engineering EducationMaciejewski A.A.; Chen T.W.; Byrne Z.S.; De Miranda M.A.; McMeeking L.B.S.; Notaros B.M.; Pezeshki A.; Roy S.; Leland A.M.; Reese M.D.; Rosales A.H.; Siller T.J.; Toftness R.F.; Notaros O.
2018Active learning model as a way to prepare students for knowledge integrationRoy S.; Notaros B.M.; Pezeshki A.; Chen T.; Siller T.J.; Maciejewski A.A.; McMeeking L.B.S.
2018Throwing away the course-centric teaching model to enable changeMaciejewski A.A.; Chen T.; Byrne Z.S.; Reese M.D.; Notaros B.M.; Pezeshki A.; Roy S.; Leland A.M.; McMeeking L.B.S.; Siller T.J.
2018Using student video presentations to develop communication skillsSiller T.J.; Maciejewski A.A.; Leland A.M.; Chen T.; Notaros B.M.; Roy S.; Hicks A.C.
2017Why math matters: Demonstrating the relevance of mathematics in ECE educationLiu Y.; Pezeshki A.; Roy S.; Notaros B.M.; Chen T.; Maciejewski A.A.
2017Work in progress: Knowledge integration to understand whyChen T.; Notaros B.M.; Pezeshki A.; Roy S.; Maciejewski A.A.; Reese M.D.