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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Chemically coupled microwave and ultrasonic pre-hydrolysis of pulp and paper mill waste-activated sludge: Effect on sludge solubilisation and anaerobic digestionTyagi V.K.; Lo S.-L.; Rajpal A.
2011Effects of microwave and alkali induced pretreatment on sludge solubilization and subsequent aerobic digestionChang C.-J.; Tyagi V.K.; Lo S.-L.
2018Electro-chemical mineralization of recalcitrant indole by platinum-coated titanium electrode: multi-response optimization, mechanistic and sludge disposal studyHiwarkar A.D.; Singh S.; Srivastava V.C.; Thakur C.; Mall I.D.; Lo S.-L.
2012Enhancement in mesophilic aerobic digestion of waste activated sludge by chemically assisted thermal pretreatment methodTyagi V.K.; Lo S.-L.
2013Impairment in water quality of Ganges River and consequential health risks on account of mass ritualistic bathingTyagi V.K.; Bhatia A.; Gaur R.Z.; Khan A.A.; Ali M.; Khursheed A.; Kazmi A.A.; Lo S.-L.
2016Operation and maintenance of sewerage systems: present challenges and possible solutions—an Indian experienceKhursheed A.; Tyagi V.K.; Khan A.A.; Bhatia A.; Gaur R.Z.; Ali M.; Sharma M.; Kazmi A.A.; Lo S.-L.
2014Sono-biostimulation of aerobic digestion: A novel approach for sludge minimizationTyagi V.K.; Lo S.-L.; Campoy R.A.; Álvarez-Gallego C.J.; Romero García L.I.; Sun L.-P.; Qiu C.-S.
2014Ultrasonic treatment of waste sludge: A review on mechanisms and applicationsTyagi V.K.; Lo S.-L.; Appels L.; Dewil R.