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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Advent of strong South Asian monsoon by 20 million years agoRetallack G.J.; Bajpai S.; Liu X.; Kapur V.V.; Pandey S.K.
2014Degradation of 1,2-dichloroethane with advanced reduction processes (ARPs): Effects of process variables and mechanismsLiu X.; Vellanki B.P.; Batchelor B.; Abdel-Wahab A.
2016Effect of spindle diameter and plate gap on the rheological properties of asphalt bindersSingh B.; Saboo N.; Kumar P.; Erkens S.; Liu X.; Anupam K.; Tan Y.
2015Modelling and optimisation of dual fluidisation bed gasifiers for production of chemicalsArora P.; Hoadley A.; Mahajani S.M.; Ganesh A.; Liu X.; Varbanov P.S.; Klemes J.J.; Wan Alwi S.R.; Yong J.Y.
2016Recognising risk factors associated with crash frequency on rural four lane highwaysNaveen Kumar C.; Parida M.; Jain S.S.; Erkens S.; Liu X.; Anupam K.; Tan Y.