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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Biphenyl 4-hydroxylases involved in aucuparin biosynthesis in rowan and apple are cytochrome p450 736A proteinsSircar, Debabrata; Gaid M.M.; Chizzali C.; Reckwell D.; Kaufholdt D.; Beuerle T.; Broggini G.A.; Flachowsky H.; Liu B.; Hänsch R.; Beerhues L.
2019Biphenyls and dibenzofurans are the phytoalexins of appleLiu B.; Gaid M.; Chizzali C.; Khalil M.N.A.; Sircar, Debabrata; Reckwell D.; Beuerle T.; Richter K.; Hansch R.; Flachowsky H.; Beerhues L.
2012Cinnamate: CoA ligase initiates the biosynthesis of a benzoate-derived xanthone phytoalexin in hypericum calycinum cell culturesGaid M.M.; Sircar, Debabrata; Müller A.; Beuerle T.; Liu B.; Ernst L.; Hänsch R.; Beerhues L.
2019Social-Media aided Hyperlocal Help-Network Matching Routing during EmergenciesKumar, Dheeraj Satheesh; Yabe T.; Ukkusuri Lyles S.V.; Song Y.; Liu B.; Lee K.; Abe N.; Pu C.; Qiao M.; Ahmed N.; Kossmann D.; Saltz J.; Tang J.; He J.; Liu H.; Hu X.