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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020A qualitative approach towards crucial factors for sustainable development of women social entrepreneurship: Indian casesAgarwal S.; Lenka, Usha; Singh K.; Agrawal V.; Agrawal A.M.
2015A Review on Impact of Socialization Agents in Breeding Consumerism among ChildrenLenka, Usha; Vandana
2015A study on learning organizations in indian higher educational institutesChawla S.; Lenka, Usha
2016Achieving triple ā€œPā€ bottom line through resonant leadership: an Indian perspectiveLenka, Usha; Tiwari B.
2021An AHP analysis of scientometrically derived factors of entrepreneurial intentions of women and constructing a conceptual research frameworkPatra B.C.; Lenka, Usha
2019An empirical investigation of innovation process in Indian pharmaceutical companiesLenka, Usha; Gupta M.
2016An exploratory study on the development of women entrepreneurs: Indian casesAgarwal S.; Lenka, Usha
2019An understanding of the creativity and innovation domain during the period 1990-2018: A scientometric studyBaheti S.; Lenka, Usha
2017Aquaguard-on-the-Go: Purified Water Anywhere AnytimeVandana; Kumar V.; Lenka, Usha
2020Barriers to entrepreneurial intentions of women: Nominal group technique, analytic hierarchy process, and scientometric approach instigating the necessity of policy interventionPatra B.C.; Lenka, Usha
2016Breaking the glass ceiling: opportunity for the organizationSahoo D.K.; Lenka, Usha
2015Building and branding talent hub: An outlookTiwari B.; Lenka, Usha
2016Building psychological safety for employee engagement in post-recessionTiwari B.; Lenka, Usha
2021Counterintuitive, Yet Essential: Taking Stock of Organizational Unlearning Research Through a Scientometric Analysis (1976-2019)Sharma S.; Lenka, Usha
2010Customer satisfaction in Indian commercial banks through total quality management approachLenka, Usha; Suar D.; Mohapatra P.K.J.
2018Development and retention of Generation Y employees: a conceptual frameworkNaim M.F.; Lenka, Usha
2016Direct and Indirect Influence of Interpersonal and Environmental Agents on Materialism in ChildrenLenka, Usha; Vandana
2020Diversity management: a systematic reviewYadav S.; Lenka, Usha
2017Does growth of ventures depend on competencies?: Selected cases from IndiaAgarwal S.; Lenka, Usha
2020Employee engagement: A study of survivors in Indian IT/ITES sectorTiwari B.; Lenka, Usha