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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012A comparative study of design base shear for RC buildings in selected seismic design codesKhose V.N.; Singh Y.; Lang D.H.
2019A period-dependent topographic amplification model for earthquake loss estimationMolina S.; Lang D.H.; Singh Y.; Meslem A.
2013An analytical study on the seismic vulnerability of masonry buildings in IndiaSingh Y.; Lang D.H.; Prasad J.; Deoliya R.
2020Analytical evaluation of damage probability matrices for hill-side RC buildings using different seismic intensity measuresSurana M.; Meslem A.; Singh Y.; Lang D.H.
2012Comparing empirical and analytical estimates of earthquake loss assessment studies for the city of Dehradun, IndiaLang D.H.; Singh Y.; Prasad J.S.R.
2013Comparison of seismic risk assessment based on macroseismic intensity and spectrum approaches using 'SeisVARA'Haldar P.; Singh Y.; Lang D.H.; Paul D.K.
2017Comparison of static and dynamic procedures for fragility analysis in context of next generation performance-based seismic designSurana M.; Singh Y.; Lang D.H.
2018Effect of irregular structural configuration on floor acceleration demand in hill-side buildingsSurana M.; Singh Y.; Lang D.H.
2017Effect of Response Reduction Factor on Peak Floor Acceleration Demand in Mid-Rise RC BuildingsSurana M.; Singh Y.; Lang D.H.
2018Effect of strong-column weak-beam design provision on the seismic fragility of RC frame buildingsSurana M.; Singh Y.; Lang D.H.
2018Effect of URM infills on inelastic floor response of RC frame buildingsSurana M.; Pisode M.; Singh Y.; Lang D.H.
2018Floor Spectra of Inelastic RC Frame Buildings Considering Ground Motion CharacteristicsSurana M.; Singh Y.; Lang D.H.
2018Fragility analysis of hillside buildings designed for modern seismic design codesSurana M.; Singh Y.; Lang D.H.
2018Seismic Characterization and Vulnerability of Building Stock in Hilly RegionsSurana M.; Singh Y.; Lang D.H.
2016Seismic performance of concrete-shear-wall buildings in IndiaSurana M.; Singh Y.; Lang D.H.
2014Seismic response of hill buildings subjected to bi-directional excitationSingh Y.; Yeluguri V.R.; Lang D.H.
2020Seismic Vulnerability Assessment of Non-Structural Components - Methodology, Implementation Approach and Impact Assessment in South and Central AsiaKumar A.; Lang D.H.; Ziar H.; Singh Y.
2010Structural and non-structural seismic vulnerability assessment for schools and hospitals based on questionnaire surveys: Case studies in central America and IndiaLang D.H.; Verbicaro M.I.; Singh Y.; Prasad J.S.R.; Diaz D.W.; Gutièrrez M.
2010The Indo-Norwegian Institutional Cooperation on Earthquake Risk ReductionBhasin R.; Erduran E.; Galiana-Merino J.J.; Kaynia A.M.; Lang D.H.; Mahajan A.K.; Maheshwari B.K.; Mundepi A.K.; Paul D.K.; Sharma M.L.; Singh Y.