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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018A new SVM based islanding detection scheme in the presence of distributed generationKumari S.; Bhalja, Bhavesh R.; Maheshwari R.P.
2020Aerobic oxidation of alcohol by model complexes relevant to metal site galactose oxidase: role of copper(I) intermediate, evidence for the generation of end-on copper(II)–OOH species and catalytic promiscuity for oxidation of benzyl alcohol, catechol and o-aminophenolDhara A.K.; Kumar K.; Kumari S.; Singh, Udai Pratap; Ghosh, Kaushik
2016Assessment of Effect of Cyclic Frequency and Soil Modulus on Liquefaction Using Coupled FEAKumari S.; Sawant, Vishwas Abhimanyu; Sahoo P.P.
2020Cu(i) based catalysts derived from bidentate ligands and studies on the effect of substituents for: N -arylation of benzimidazoles and indolesKumari S.; Ratnam A.; Mawai K.; Chaudhary V.K.; Mohanty A.; Ghosh, Kaushik
2020Cu(i) complexes obtained: Via spontaneous reduction of Cu(ii) complexes supported by designed bidentate ligands: Bioinspired Cu(i) based catalysts for aromatic hydroxylationKumari S.; Muthuramalingam S.; Dhara A.K.; Singh, Udai Pratap; Mayilmurugan R.; Ghosh, Kaushik
2020Dinuclear μ-Phenoxo and μ-Hydroxo Bridged Copper Complexes Exhibiting Oxidation of Phenols and Isoelectronic Compounds: Cytotoxicity and Evidences for Cellular ApoptosisMawai K.; Nathani S.; Tuglak Khan F.S.; Verma P.; Kumari S.; Roy, Partha; Singh, Udai Pratap; Ghosh, Kaushik
2021Evolution of the magnetic and charge orders in La0.15Pr0.45Ca0.40MnO3: Assessing the role of particle size and magnetic fieldRaghav D.S.; Kumari S.; Singh H.K.; Siwach P.K.; Varma, Ghanshyam Das
2021Interface induced reemergent insulator-metal transitions in ferromagnetic/antiferromagnetic manganite superlatticesChauhan S.; Kumari S.; Siwach P.K.; Maurya K.K.; Malik, Vivek K.; Singh H.K.
2020Magnetic phase profile in La0.7Ca0.3MnO3/Pr0.58Ca0.42MnO3 superlattices: Role of substrate inherent disordersChauhan S.; Kumari S.; Siwach P.K.; Maurya K.K.; Malik, Vivek K.; Singh H.K.
2014Measurement of glacier velocity at Pik Lenin, Tajikistan, by feature trackingKumari S.; Ghosh, Sanjay Kumar; Buchroithner M.F.; Dadhwal V.K.; Diwakar P.G.; Seshasai M.V.R.; Raju P.L.N.; Hakeem A.
2016Non-Innocent Property of Tridentate Ligand in Novel Cobalt Complex : Crystal Structure and Evidences for Cobalt(II) Phenoxyl Radical Complex FormationDhara A.K.; Kumar K.; Kumari S.; Singh U.P.; Ghosh, Kaushik
2016Numerical analysis of earth embankment resting on liquefiable soil and remedial measuresBhatnagar S.; Kumari S.; Sawant, Vishwas Abhimanyu
2020Numerical Investigation of Stone Column Improved Ground for Mitigation of LiquefactionKumar A.; Kumari S.; Sawant, Vishwas Abhimanyu
2021Numerical simulation of liquefaction phenomenon considering infinite boundaryKumari S.; Sawant, Vishwas Abhimanyu
2021Organochlorine pesticide dieldrin upregulate proximal promoter (PII) driven CYP19A1 gene expression and increases estrogen production in granulosa cellsSharma D.; Kumari S.; Rani P.; Onteru S.K.; Roy, Partha; Tyagi R.K.; Singh S.P.; Singh D.
2020Performance assessment of aerobic granulation for the post treatment of anaerobic effluentsOwaes M.; Gaur R.Z.; Hasan M.N.; Gani K.M.; Kumari S.; Bux F.; Khan A.A.; Kazmi, Absar Ahmad
2020Role of substituents present in bidentate ligand frame of Cu(I) catalysts on Sonogashira cross coupling reactionsKumari S.; Dhara A.K.; Ratnam A.; Mawai K.; Chaudhary V.K.; Mohanty A.; Ghosh, Kaushik
2020Role of treatment configuration in simultaneous removal of priority phthalic acid esters and nitrogen in a post anoxic integrated biofilm activated sludge systemGani K.M.; Nazir F.U.; Kumari S.; Bux F.; Kazmi, Absar Ahmad
2020Selective oxidation of benzyl alcohol catalyzed by ruthenium (III) complexes derived from tridentate mer-ligands having phenolato donorRatnam A.; Kumari S.; Kumar R.; Singh, Udai Pratap; Ghosh, Kaushik
2015Self-templated chemically stable hollow spherical covalent organic frameworkKandambeth S.; Venkatesh, Varadhachari; Shinde D.B.; Kumari S.; Halder A.; Verma S.; Banerjee R.