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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020A cascaded CNN model for multiple human tracking and re-localization in complex video sequences with large displacementKumar N.; Sukavanam, Nagarajan
2018A Comparative Study of Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of 21-4-N Steel Weld Joints Using Different Filler MaterialsKumar N.; Arora, Navneet; Goel S.K.; Goel D.B.; Meka S.R.; Chaudhari G.P.
2016A Comparative Study on Tensile and Fracture Behavior of Al–Mg Alloy Processed Through Cryorolling and Cryo Groove RollingYogesha K.K.; Kumar N.; Joshi A.; Jayaganthan R.; Nath S.K.
2017A molecular simulation analysis of influence of lignosulphonate addition on properties of modified 2-ethyl hexyl acrylate/methyl methacrylate/acrylic acid based pressure sensitive adhesiveSanjiv Kasbe P.; Kumar N.; Manik, Gaurav
2015A polymer grafted oxidomethoxidovanadium(V) complex of an ONO donor ligand mimicking peroxidase activityMaurya, Mannar Ram; Kumar N.; Chaudhary N.
2011A PSO based approach to image reconstruction from projectionsKumar N.; Srivastava, Tanuja
2020A weakly supervised CNN model for spatial localization of human activities in unconstraint environmentKumar N.; Sukavanam, Nagarajan
2012Adaptive neural controller for cooperative multiple robot manipulator system manipulating a single rigid objectPanwar V.; Kumar N.; Sukavanam, Nagarajan; Borm J.-H.
2011Allocation of transmission charge by using MVA-Mile approaches for restructured Indian power utilityKumar N.; Reddy Y.R.V.; Das D.; Padhy, Narayana Prasad
2019Altering the Schottky Barrier Height and Conductance by Using Metal Nanoparticles in Carbon Nanotubes-Based DevicesKumar N.; Navani, Naveen Kumar; Manhas, Sanjeev Kumar
2017Amalgamation of Synthetic Biology and Chemistry for High-Throughput Nonconventional Synthesis of the Antimalarial Drug ArtemisininSingh D.; McPhee D.; Paddon C.J.; Cherry J.; Maurya G.; Mahale G.; Patel Y.; Kumar N.; Singh S.; Sharma B.; Kushwaha L.; Singh S.; Kumar A.
2009An advanced IPFC model to reuse newton power flow codesBhowmick S.; Das, Biswarup; Kumar N.
2011An advanced static synchronous compensator model to reuse newton and decoupled power flow codesBhowmick S.; Das, Biswarup; Kumar N.
2020An improved CNN framework for detecting and tracking human body in unconstraint environmentKumar N.; Sukavanam, Nagarajan
2007An indirect model of SSSC for reducing complexity of coding in Newton power flow algorithmBhowmick S.; Das, Biswarup; Kumar N.
2008An indirect UPFC model to enhance reusability of Newton power-flow codesBhowmick S.; Das, Biswarup; Kumar N.
2016Analysis of doubly-fed induction machine operating at motoring mode subjected to voltage sagKumar N.; Chelliah, Thanga Raj; Srivastava S.P.
2014Anti-cancer, pharmacokinetic and biodistribution studies of cremophor EL free alternative paclitaxel formulationJain S.K.; Utreja P.; Tiwary A.K.; Mahajan M.; Kumar N.; Roy, Partha
2018Application of fractional order PID controller for AGC under deregulated environmentKumar N.; Tyagi, Barjeev; Kumar, Vishal Venkatesh
2004Application of rock mass classification systems for tunneling in Himalaya, IndiaKumar N.; Samadhiya, Narendra Kumar; Anbalagan R.