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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019A revisit to the effect of annealing temperature on magnetic properties of LaFe0.5Mn0.5O3Dutta U.; Ghosh D.; Haque A.; Kumar L.; Mandal T.K.; Walke P.S.; Pal K.; Gayen A.; Kundu A.K.; Seikh M.M.
2020Computation of Ground Motion Amplification Scenario in NCT Delhi for Earthquake Engineering Purposes and Seismic MicrozonationKumar L.; Narayan J.P.
2013Delignification of Phragmites karka - a wetland grass - by soda pulping processKumar L.; Dutt D.; Bharti A.
2009Human gait recognition based on dynamic and static features using generalized regression neural networkRustagi L.; Kumar L.; Pillai G.N.
2008Part-machine group formation with operation sequence, time and production volumeKumar L.; Jain P.K.
2009Part-machine group formation with ordinal-ratio level data & production volumeKumar L.; Jain P.K.
2013Purification, bio-chemical characterization, homology modeling and active site binding mode interactions of thermo-alkali-tolerant β-1,4 endoxylanase from Coprinus cinereus LK-D-NCIM-1369Kumar L.; Dutt D.; Tapas S.; Kumar P.