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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012A Class of Well Behaved Charged Analogues of Schwarzchild's Interior SolutionGupta Y.K.; Kumar J.; Pratibha
2011A new class of charged analogues of Vaidya-Tikekar type super-dense starGupta Y.K.; Pratibha; Kumar J.
2016A novel design of Convex Hexagonal Dielectric Resonator Antenna with parasitic plateKumar P.; Dwari S.; Agrawal N.K.; Singh S.; Kumar J.
2019Adaptive Distance Relaying for Grid-Connected Line with Consideration of Single-Phase Auto-ReclosingKumar J.; Jena P.
2012Analysis of crosstalk delay and power dissipation in mixed CNT bundle interconnectsMajumder M.K.; Kaushik B.K.; Manhas S.K.; Kumar J.
2013Analysis of Crosstalk Deviation for Bundled MWCNT with Process Induced Height and Width VariationsKumar J.; Majumder M.K.; Kaushik B.K.; Dasgupta S.
2013Analyzing rainfall effects for sustainable rainfed maize productivity in foothills of Northwest HimalayasSharma A.; Sankar G.R.M.; Arora S.; Gupta V.; Singh B.; Kumar J.; Mishra P.K.
2011Application of Agro-Based Biomasses for Zinc Removal from Wastewater - A ReviewKumar J.; Balomajumder C.; Mondal P.
2013Bearing capacity of strip foundations reinforced with geogrid sheets by using upper bound finite-element limit analysisKumar J.; Sahoo J.P.
2018Binary Gabor pattern feature extraction technique for hardwood species classificationYadav A.R.; Kumar J.; Anand R.S.; Dewal M.L.; Gupta S.; Pal A.K.; Tripathi S.
2011Biocatalytic synthesis of two-photon active resveratrol oligomerSatapathi S.; Ravichandran S.; Mosurkal R.; Nagarajan S.; Li L.; Nagarajan R.; Samuelson L.A.; Kumar J.
2018Brand community relationships transitioning into brand relationships: Mediating and moderating mechanismsKumar J.; Nayak J.K.
2019Brand engagement without brand ownership: a case of non-brand owner community membersKumar J.; Nayak J.K.
2011Conjugated polymer:TiO2 nanocomposite solar cells based on P3HT nanoparticlesVenkatraman B.H.; Kokil A.; Satapathi S.; Kumar J.; Venkataraman D.
2019Consumer psychological motivations to customer brand engagement: a case of brand communityKumar J.; Nayak J.K.
2004Crystal structure of schistatin, a disintegrin homodimer from saw-scaled viper (Echis carinatus) at 2.5 Å resolutionBilgrami S.; Tomar S.; Yadav S.; Kaur P.; Kumar J.; Jabeen T.; Sharma S.; Singh T.P.
2017Design of biodegradable quadruple-shaped DRA for WLAN/Wi-Max applicationsKumar P.; Dwari S.; Utkarsh; Kumar J.
2018Detection of fault during power swing using superimposed negative sequence apparent power based schemeKumar J.; Jena P.
2015Detection of operational-mode of TCSC using positive sequence techniqueHarikrishna M.; Kumar J.; Jena P.
2017Directional relaying in presence of STATCOM during single pole trippingKumar J.; Jena P.