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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011A detailed analysis of multi-sensor fusion of moderate resolution imaging spectroradiometerKumar H.; Yahia H.; Singh D.
2016Atypical Voltage Transitions in FinFET Multistage Circuits: Origin and SignificancePandey A.; Kumar H.; Manhas S.K.; Dasgupta S.; Anand B.
2014Creep behavior of AS41 alloy matrix nano-compositesKumar H.; Chaudhari G.P.
2015DNA interaction, SOD, peroxidase and nuclease activity studies of iron complex having ligand with carboxamido nitrogen donorsGhosh K.; Tyagi N.; Kumar H.; Rathi S.
2016FinFET Device Circuit Co-design Issues: Impact of Circuit Parameters on DelayPandey A.; Kumar H.; Goyal P.; Dasgupta S.; Manhas S.K.; Bulusu A.
2019Fuzzy rule-based reliability analysis using NSGA-IIKumar H.; Yadav S.P.
2018Loss allocation for distribution network using ?-value game theory approachKumar H.; Khatod D.K.
2017NSGA-II based fuzzy multi-objective reliability analysisKumar H.; Yadav S.P.
2011Numerical simulation of flow field and pollutant dispersion in a long highway tunnelKumar H.; Singh K.M.; Gandhi B.K.
2018Preparation of water-in-diesel oil nano-emulsion using nonionic surfactants with enhanced stability and flow propertiesKumar H.; Kumar V.
2017Real time power system voltage stability monitoring using synchrophasor devicesKumar H.; Kumar V.
2018Ultrasonication assisted formation and stability of water-in-oil nanoemulsions: Optimization and ternary diagram analysisKumar H.; Kumar V.
2019Ultrasound assisted synthesis of water-in-oil nanoemulsions: Parametric optimization using hybrid ANN-GA approachKumar H.; Kumar V.
2019Using NSGA-II to solve interactive fuzzy multi-objective reliability optimization of complex systemKumar H.; Yadav S.P.; Bansal J.C.; Nagar A.; Ojha A.K.; Das K.N.; Deep K.