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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016A Framework to Simulate Semiconductor Devices Using Parallel Computer ArchitectureKumar G.; Singh M.; Anand, Bulusu; Trivedi G.; Ray P.; Santra S.B.
2020A mechanistic approach for the modulation of band gap of nanopolyaniline using various heterogeneous carbon nanostructuresKumar G.; Singh J.P.; Saha U.; Bera M.; Goswami T.H.; Maji, Pradip K.
2016A parallel device simulator based on finite element methodKumar G.; Singh M.; Trivedi G.; Anand, Bulusu; Tran Q.-N.; Deligiannidis L.; Arabnia H.R.
2018An adaptive LQR controller based on PSO and maximum predominant frequency approach for semi-active control scheme using MR damperKumar G.; Kumar A.; Jakka, Ravi Sankar
2017Ancient DNA reveals Late Pleistocene existence of ostriches in Indian sub-continentJain S.; Rai N.; Kumar G.; Pruthi P.A.; Thangaraj K.; Bajpai, Sunil; Pruthi V.
2019Anticancer activity of plant leaves extract collected from a tribal region of IndiaKumar G.; Gupta R.; Sharan S.; Roy, Partha; Pandey D.M.
2019Blue-extended supercontinuum generation in air-silica microstructured optical fiber with normal dispersion at 450 nmRehan M.; Kumar G.; Anjali; Rastogi, Vipul K.
2019Compression of femtosecond pulses in a wide wavelength range using a large-mode-area tapered fiberRehan M.; Kumar G.; Rastogi, Vipul K.; Korobko D.A.; Sysolyatin A.A.
2020Current trends and prospects in microalgae-based bioenergy productionBhushan S.; Kalra A.; Simsek H.; Kumar G.; Prajapati S.K.
2020Deep Learning Framework for Detection of an Illicit Drug Abuser Using Facial ImageGupta T.; Goyal M.; Kumar G.; Raman, Balasubramanian; Chaudhuri B.B.; Chaudhuri B.B.; Nakagawa M.; Khanna P.; Kumar S.
2018Direction-dependent propagation of high-power femtosecond pulses through a large-mode-area tapered fiberKumar G.; Rehan M.; Rastogi, Vipul K.; Korobko D.A.; Sysolyatin A.A.
2018Dual-core few mode EDFA for amplification of 20 modesGaur A.; Kumar G.; Rastogi, Vipul K.
2018Femtosecond pulse propagation through large mode area tapered fiber at 1.06 μm wavelengthRehan M.; Kumar G.; Rastogi, Vipul K.; Kumar R.
2018High-power femtosecond pulse propagation in a tapered large-mode-area optical fiberKumar G.; Rehan M.; Rastogi, Vipul K.; Korobko D.A.; Sysoliatin A.A.; Hartl I.; Carter A.L.
2020Highly nonlinear silica spiral photonic crystal fiber for supercontinuuam generation extending from 320 nm to 2620 nmAnjali; Rehan M.; Kumar G.; Rastogi, Vipul K.
2018Impact of sustainability and manufacturing practices on supply chain performance: Findings from an emerging economyKatiyar R.; Meena P.L.; Barua, Mukesh Kumar; Tibrewala R.; Kumar G.
2019Investigation of planetary ball milling of sericite for potash recoverySingh Y.P.; Tanvar H.; Kumar G.; Dhawan, Nikhil
2021Logo detection using weakly supervised saliency mapKumar G.; Keserwani P.; Pratim Roy, Partha; Dogra D.P.
2016Microstructure, crystallography and diagenetic alteration in fossil ostrich eggshells from Upper Palaeolithic sites of Indian peninsular regionJain S.; Bajpai, Sunil; Kumar G.; Pruthi V.
2021On defect minimization during microwave drilling of borosilicate glass at 2.45 GHz using flowing dielectric and optimized input powerKumar G.; Mishra R.R.; Sharma, Apurbba Kumar