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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1979A kinetic study of peroxydisulphate oxidation of sulphadrugs - oxidation of sulphanilamide.Srivastava S.P.; Kumar Anil; Mittal A.K.
2010A novel amperometric biosensor based on single walled carbon nanotubes with acetylcholine esterase for the detection of carbaryl pesticide in water.Firdoz Shaik; Fang Ma; Yue Xiuli; Dai Zhifei; Kumar Anil; Jiangbin
1977Ag+ - catalysedpresulphate oxidation products of 1,3-propanediol , 1-4-butanediol and 1,5-pentanediol.Srivastava S.P.; Kumar Anil
1996Catalytic effect of Ag+ in colloidal CdS- induced photooxidation of aniline.Kumar Anil; Kumar S.
1998Colloidal CdS induced photocatalytic reaction of 2-methylindole - mechanistic analysis of oxidation of indoles.Kumar Anil; Kumar S.
1980Complexation and oxidation of glycine and related compounds by Ag (II).Kumar Anil; Neta P.
2003Electrochemical and persulphate mediated oxidation of indole -3- ethanol.Goyal R.N.; Kumar Anil; Gupta P.
2004Electronic and photocatalytic properties of purine(s)-capped Q-CdS NPs in the presence of tryptophol.Kumar Anil; Mital S.
2001Electronic properties of Q-CdS clusters stabilized by adenine.Kumar Anil; Mital S.
1994Enhancement of luminescence of colloidal CdS in presence of indoles - study of CdS sensitized reaction of indole.Kumar Anil; Kumar S.
1993Gas chromatographic separation of isomeric aminophenols, aniline, phenol, benzoquinone and azobenzene on HP-1 capillary column.Kumar Anil; Panwar A.
1981Kinetics and mechanism of Ag(I)-catalysed oxidation of pentane -1,5-diol by peroxydisulphate ionSrivastava S.P.; Kumar Anil; Mittal A.K.; Gupta V.K.
1978Kinetics and mechanism of Ag+ - catalysed oxidation of 1,4-butanediol by peroxydisulphate ion.Srivastava S.P.; Kumar Anil
1979Kinetics and mechanism of Ag+ - catalysed oxidation of amyl alcohol, iso-amyl alcohol and crotylcoholbyperoxydisulphate ion.Gupta J.C.; Maheshwari M.K.; Srivastava S.P.; Kumar Anil
1977Kinetics and mechanism of Ag+ - catalysed oxidation of glycerol by peroxydisulphate ion - An analysis of consecutive reations.Srivastava S.P.; Kumar Anil
1981Kinetics and mechanism of Ag+ - catalysed oxidation of hexane- 1,6-diol by peroxydisulphate ion.Srivastava S.P.; Kumar Anil; Gupta V.K.
2000Kinetics and mechanism of oxidation of ethylenediamine by diperiodatoargentate (III) ion.Kumar Anil; Vaishali; Ramamurthy P.
1999Kinetics and mechanism of oxidation of nitrilotriacetic acid by diperiodatoargentate (III).Kumar Anil; P. Kumar
1980Kinetics and mechanism of periodate oxidation of salicylic acid.Srivastava S.P.; Bhattacharjee G.; Kumar Anil; Pal S.
1997Kinetics of oxidation of 2,4-, 2.6-, 3,4- and N, N-dimethylanilines by [Ag(OH)4]-.Kumar Anil; Panwar A.